Amazing Ukraine Girl Elena from Zaporozhye

beautiful Ukrainian girl

Elena’s personal information:

Briefly about beautiful Ukraine girl Elena:

Elena is such a many-sided person and a beautiful yound girl from Ukraine. She loves this world and life. Elena tries to enjoy life every minute. If she has some free time, she likes to practise yoga, listen to pleasant music. Besides Elena enjoys to relax and the time with my friends. Reading a good book is also her hobby.

Beautiful Ukrainian woman

Whom is Elena looking for?

Elena deams to meet a man who’s interested in life as much as she is. This Ukraine beauty wants him to be a positive thinking, kind, purposeful and seeking person with kind and open soul.

Will you, dear men, meet Elena?

Here you find Elena’s profile:

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1 Response

  1. Walt K says:

    I am interested in meeting a woman from the Ukraine, however, I have one problem. I am interested in a woman to come over here to live with me in a long lasting relationship. I am not interested in marriage. I am 69 years of age and relatively active. I am retired and 69 years of age.I own my own 75 acre farm with 3 dogs, 6 alpacas and a horse.

    I would like to find someone who is between 45 and 55 years of age. I am interested in a woman with no children and also a good looking woman. I have a decent pension as I was a teacher and building contractor. I have 2 grown children not living with me. My property is free and clear so for the most part, besides taxes, I can do most anything I please./

    I would like to know what are my chances of meeting someone to share a life with me.

    I have played the game with ussr. star and found it to be a scam. I bought the credits for the credits and got no where so I finally began to look elsewhere and found your website.

    IS it worthwhile trying to find someone?

    Thanks, Walt

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