Juliya and Nate’s Love Story

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I would like to share a romantic story about a Ukrainian woman and a Western man falling in love. Their story is beautiful and inspiring and should be shared with the world. To start, Juliya is a beautiful woman from Ukraine who was looking for love over the internet and Nate is a handsome Western man who was also trying to find his soul mate on an International dating site. They both joined the dating site AnastasiaDate and began searching for that certain someone.

Some time had passed and Juliya became skeptical of the site because she wasn’t having any luck finding men who actually wanted to meet her in person and get to know one another face to face. She had considered leaving then one day Nate contacted her sending her a simple hello message. Oddly enough he was already heading to the Ukraine to attend a social. He was so carried away by her over the internet that he just had to meet her in person.

So, he went 8 hours out of his way during his trip in the Ukraine to visit her. By these acts alone Juliya was already smitten. Their first encounter went very well as they spent most of the time talking and learning about each other. Thankfully enough Juliya spoke fluent English so they were able to communicate flawlessly.

Today Juliya and Nate are still together and actively communicating on a regular basis, long distance of course. Nate has another trip planned to the Ukraine to visit with her and this time they will decide whether they want to take their relationship any further.

Only time will tell whether these sweethearts will make the decision to eliminate the long distance part of their relationship. Needless to say it is a true success story and is uplifting to know that true love can be found where you least expect it.

If it weren’t for AnastasiaDate these two would have never met and this story would not be told. That being said, you should be patient and have faith that the right one will come along eventually.

Image Source: AnastasiaDate.com

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