Ukraine Fiance Visa for Canada (Part 1)

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I have recently published a serie of articles about Ukraine Fiance Visa K1 for the USA: Requirements & Process on my blog. A few days ago, one of my Canadian readers wrote a message and asked what I know about Ukraine Bride Visa for Canada. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help him at that time. But yesterday I did an online research on this subject and found very helpful information. Today I’d like to share this information with you, dear readers. 🙂

Ukraine Fiancee Visa for Canada (Part 1)

There was a time when getting a passport into Canada for an Ukrainian bride was difficult, but it Ukraine bride visa for Canadais now easier than ever before. If you have found the woman of dreams here in my lovely home country, here is what you need for marriage immigration to Canada.

Your Requirements

Canada requires that you be a citizen or permanent resident and be of legal marrying age, that is you must be at least 18 years old. You have to be able to support your Ukraine bride for at least three years after she achieves permanent residency. You have to be able to support any children you have for 10 years or until they are 25 years old. Finally, you have to have housing where you can support your wife from Ukraine.

Affidavit of Marital Status and Other Documents

Next, you have to get an Affidavit of Marital Status before you can come retrieve your Ukrainian woman from overseas. It only costs $50 and confirms to the authorities, and your woman, that you are not already married to someone else! Get this right before coming over though, because it’s only good for three months. If you’ve forgotten this step, that’s okay. The Canadian Embassy located in the Ukraine can also provide you with one.

Ukraine Bride in Canada

If your Ukraine woman will be your second marriage, you need some proof that the first marriage was dissolved properly. Either a Divorce Decree or death certificate for the previous spouse will be required. Make sure to bring an original or a certified copy of your birth certificate with you.

Finally, make sure to have all the documents notarized by a Canadian notary. Next, they must be authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in Canada. The last step is to visit the Ukranian Embassy to have everything translated into the woman’s home language – Ukrainian.

Having these documents with you will allow everything to go smoothly when you come to pick your Ukraine bride up for your new life together. Please make sure you have everything so you can have a smooth trip and a smooth start to your new life together. Only then can your fiance from Ukraine get her fiance visa to Canada.

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