Ukraine Fiancé Visa for Canada (Part 2)

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Ukraine bride visa CanadaThis is the second part of the article Ukraine Fiancé Visa for Canada

Visiting the Ukraine

We have a very open country and do not require Visas for visitors. Unless you will be here for more than 90 days, all you need is your passport. However, my country’s officials do require a few things before you will be allowed to enter.

• Your Canadian passport must be good for at least 9 more months; the 3 that you’re allowed to stay here plus 6 more.

• You must have at least two blank pages on the passport.

• You must already have a paid ticket for leaving the Ukraine.

Marry your Ukraine woman in Ukraine

Ukraine fiancee visa for canadaYour Ukraine woman is leaving behind a lot by going to Canada to be your wife. Her friends and family are all here, and she is going to miss them dearly. Many of the women I know who have married Canadian grooms have had two ceremonies; one in our homeland for her family and friends and another in Canada for their new husband’s family and friends. You will need all your paperwork and the woman will also require a valid passport, original birth certificate and proof that any former marriage is dissolved.

Taking the time to marry legally here will also simply your marriage immigration to Canada, making it easier for Ukrainian women to get a fiancé visa to Canada.

Becoming a Resident of Canada

Most Ukrainian women have all chosen to change their last names to match their husbands. I have read that the entire process for becoming official residents took anywhere from 6 months to a year and a half.

• You have to be 18 and a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

• You must be legally able to marry and you must already be married to your Ukraine woman legally.

• You can not be accepting any government assistance; you have to be able to support your Ukraine wife on your own.

• You can not be in default on any other sponsorship agreement with the country.

• You will have to be able to show that you have the money to support your Ukraine wife.

• You can not be behind on any alimony or child support payments.

• You should have a clean record; you can not have a record for violent crimes or sex crimes.

Your Ukraine wife will have to fill out an application and there are some fees, but the entire process won’t be as bad at all.

Remember, at the end your reward is finally being able to marry and live with the Ukrainian woman of your dreams. 🙂

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