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Dear friends,

Today I want to introduce a special service of Anastasia Date – Video Date. In my opinion, it is a great Anastasia Video Chatpossibility not only to see your favorite Ukraine girl but also to hear her voice. Besides, International Video Date at Anastasia Date is a two way video date and it means that the woman will also be able to see and hear you.

The world of dating has been changed forever thanks to the internet; never before has meeting someone been so easy. Remember those long, wasted nights hitting up the bar and club scene just to come home alone and disappointed? With the advent of internet dating, you can meet people from the comfort of your own home, and best of all, you know that they’re interested in meeting someone too.

A lot of the guess work that made dating so difficult has been removed. However, online dating can be hard too, especially when you are looking to meet someone who is living abroad. While instant messaging and email are effective communications tools, there is no substitute for the ability to read another person’s body language. That is what makes Anastasia Dating so unique.

Video Chat at Anastasia Date

Video Chat at Anastasia Date

Like a lot of dating websites, Anastasia Dating puts scores of single Russian and Ukrainian women at your fingertips. These beautiful, caring women are all looking for love. What separates this website however, from all the rest is the fact that users do not just communicate with each other through email and instant messaging, but also through video chat. This special feature makes the users feel like they are together in an intimate dating environment and not a separated by miles of wires and waves. Bridging this gap creates a much better dating experience.

Anastasia Dating is affordable and easy to use. To take advantage of the video date first log in or register with the website. Then find a woman with whom you would like to converse, that is to say, who you want your video date to be with. Once you’ve found that special someone, fill out the request form and a convenient time will be set up for the both of you, generally one of your choosing. To most effectively use the service, a good internet connection, along with a web camera and microphone are required.

The minimum amount of time that a Video Date with single Ukrainian and Russian women at Anastasia Date may be allotted for is 10 minutes. The cost is for 10 minutes is $49.5, each additional minute is $4.95.

So don’t wait and let love pass you by. Sign up with us and find that that special someone today.
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2 Responses

  1. Dustin says:

    Thank you for sharing superb information on dating. Your site is very cool. I’m impressed by the information that you have on this site that will definitely help others find a soul mate. I have bookmarked this website page and will visit for an update periodically. You, my friend, ROCK! Again, thanks for the detailed Ukrainian dating advice!

  2. SCAMMED says:

    This is the first site that I have found that seems to allow a true open discussion – posting of one’s thoughts / experiences / opinions – which, if it continues is a great service – could save a great amount of time / money / heartache, etc. Thanks Krystyna – it will help you and everyone if you continue to allow this:

    As anyone will learn if you talk to any average guy using the Anastasia system – it is a 100%SCAM – with some – just enough legitimacy to make it extremely deceptive and well disguised – where the women (not sure if all or just many / most) are PAID TO CHAT with the men – an absolute DIRECT CONFLICT OF INTEREST – though nice, easy, convenient and fun occupation – so is extremely enticing – and thus also very lucrative. I posted the following on another page – for much explanation:

    An extremely small percentage (of men) find someone – usually older, divorced women with kids – the only ones in need of someone – after they have lived by scamming men through their 20′s and 30′s.

    I chatted with many, planned to meet 1 in Kiev and 2 others in Odessa who acted like they were all excited and could not wait to meet me (while also going there to attend the socials). So I traveled half way across the world to meet them, and those girls did not even show up. It is really amazing how heart-less they are. – Afterwards I saw 2 on chat again: after inviting me to chat, like nothing happened, one then did not respond again after I asked where she was. The other just continued to say she was there to meet me (when NO-ONE was) – they will say any lies just to keep you chatting and paying them money.

    Then the ones you meet there, have you pay a high price to their interpreters which they split up – and take home to their boyfriends. — TOTAL SCAM.

    I am surprised to find anywhere a blog like this that allows factual comments – it seems Anastasia controls most of this stuff and smothers the net with their BS – so you cannot get well informed about them — an organization and country with absolutely NO SOUL – which is why they are so BACKWARD – UNDERDEVELOPED. There are many nice people (mostly superficial) and they seem to have some high standards with certain aspects of integrity, but will scam you anyway they can get away with it – thinking nothing wrong about it – it is ingrained in their culture.

    Does anyone know of any other blogs where this is discussed?

    PS to my 1st Post:

    I spent a ton of $. This is an amazingly well developed scam – well disguised and very difficult to do anything about – but get informed, and be very exact and unyielding in any interaction with them or the women (most do not qualify to be referred to as ladies, barely should be associated with the human race). They not only steal your money, time but also destroy your heart — getting PAID TO CHAT AND CORRESPOND with men – saying anything to keep you talking and spending – a nice easy, convenient occupation. The video chat gives assurance to who you chat with but nothing about their sincerity, and outside of that, you have NO WAY of knowing with whom you are corresponding – some are paid to represent many different girls.

    Going there and being stood up – after waiting about 3 hours at the airport, I felt like I was in hell – which I am sure is much like Hell would be – no love / concern / understanding, – where everyone constantly trying to take advantage of everyone else – out for themselves – absolute evil. Though many of the ladies probably do not realize what they are doing – as it is so engrained in their culture. So this Anastasia organization is performing a huge disservice – promoting, propagating, generating a HUGE amount of corruption and profiting tremendously from it – a major MAJOR SCAM and DISASTER – for all – the young people growing up there as well as the ripped off men.

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