Ukraine Girl Caught Your Eye? Write The Perfect First Message (Part 1)

Dear Friends,

So, you’ve found an attractive Ukrainian girl on a dating site that you would like to know better. You write her an email but she doesn’t write back: why? Chances are your email was terrible, unnoticed, or both. But you can change that. Here are 5 ways to write the perfect first message:

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1-Put yourself in her shoes.

Do you have any idea how many emails Ukraine girls get from men on dating sites? It seems that men who want to meet Ukraine girls for dating thing that I am just sitting around waiting to read emails. I’ve gotten over 20 emails in one day. I don’t have time to write back every email I get, especially when most of them say the same things. That leads me to my next point, which is this:

2-Make your e-mail stand out.

Start with the email title. Please don’t put something like “hey baby what’s up” or “hi“. Most emails I get start that way. You have to catch my attention right away or chances are I won’t open your email. Try phrases that will interest me like “What I like most about you” or “This is what we have in common” or “Would you answer one question for me?

Please don’t say something like “tell me about yourself”. Ukraine girls’ online dating profile has information about them that they have shared with everyone, which made you write. So why not try telling the Ukraine girls about you?

3-Ask questions based on what my profile says.

If you don’t mention the Ukraine girl’s profile at all she wonders if you have even read it. Usually, nice Ukrainian ladies get a lot of emails that ask them how old they are (which is on their profile) and what they like to do (which is on their profile :)). Asking questions about information in Ukraine girls’ profile lets them know you have taken the time to read it, which they appreciate :). For example, a profile of one Ukraine girl says she does ballet. Some good questions would be “How long have you been doing ballet?” or “Is ballet as hard as it looks?

Asking questions also makes Ukraine girls more likely to write you back, since they feel rude not answering questions.

Tell Ukraine girls why you think they would have a good time together. Some western men who want Ukraine girls for dating think that they would love to date them just because they are from the west. But they would still like to have something in common with a man they are dating! 🙂

To be continued…

If you have any questions, please just send me a mail! (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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  1. Todd says:

    I did all of these things and they did work. My problem is that I am not ready to go to the Ukraine yet. I just started a business. It will take a little time to get over there. Certain things have to be done here with the business before I go. That said, I responded to a great lady from Poltava but I think I might have messed up because I started talking knowing I would not be ready to go over for at least a year. I have been honest about this but I still feel bad…Maybe I should have just not said anything until I was about to get on the plane to go.

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