Ukraine Women’s Value of Money

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When you are dating a Ukrainian woman and hoping to marry her, you may be surprised by how she views money. I can tell you this as a Ukrainian woman myself :); I have seen this sort of conflict firsthand. Other women like myself tend to expect expensive gifts from the men that they are seeing. They think that these western men should give them these gifts as a way of expressing their love. When they do not get the gifts, they take it as a sign that the man does not love them as much as he says that he does.

ukraine women and money

In the west, I have noticed that men tend to be a bit more thirty. They want to hold onto their money. They want to save up what they are earning so that they have some security. As a result, they tend to think that Ukrainian women have a false idea about the value of money. They think that Ukrainian women do not respect it or know how to use it. This is not true. What they are really seeing is just the culture difference. People in Ukraine tend to spend their money, using it all up to have a good time and to get the things that they want.

In the long run, all that western men need to do is to be patient. They need to wait for the Ukrainian women to see and understand how they view money. I now have a full grasp on this in a way that I never did before. I understand what these men are thinking and what they are doing. All other Ukrainian women will come around to this point of view when they are immersed in this western culture. You just need to wait for your lovely bride to see your side of things. 🙂

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    Still not respond to me….what did I do to you…? I am so disappointed. I must have misunderstood you completely.

    Or, something else happened, I do not know. I leave for Kiev today…I hope you are well…and I am confused about what happened to our beginning of a friendship….

    This is very sad for me. I think you have made a terrible mistake.

    However, I still wish you the very best…I hope some day you will realize that you hurt me for no aparent reason. I gave you my friendship because I wanted to….it is how we exist in this world…and you have not explained any thing about your behavior thus far. I go now and consider this chapter still open for review….

    What happened to you?


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