10 Ukraine Dating Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Happy Future (Part 1)

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Are you considering dating a Ukrainian woman? Wonderful 🙂 If you go online and do a search in Ukraine dating sites, you will most certainly find a lot of women (there are over 45 million people inhabiting the country) and a lot of warnings, depending on where you click. Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes that men tend to make when the try to embark upon an international relationship with one of these women.

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The most important thing to remember is to never underestimate the intelligence of a Ukrainian woman. Even though most of the country lives below the poverty level, making about $7000 per year on average, most women are highly educated and value intelligence and hard work.

You will find a bit of a melting pot of values between Eastern and Western values. While they were heavily influenced by Russian rule, they also have strong ties to their Slavic culture. The country is only a couple of generations removed from being a chiefly agrarian society, with cities such as Kiev containing over 2 million residents.

With that being said, let’s take a closer look at some of the more common mistakes that American men tend to make when beginning an online relationship with a Ukrainian woman. Granted, most of these women are earnestly looking for a better way of life where they can raise a family and have a healthy relationship, but there are some caveats.

Here are some of the most common things that American men fall prey to in the Ukrainian dating scene.

Mistake #1. Sending money to a Ukrainian woman before you have developed a relationship of trust.

Just don’t do it. In fact, most men won’t send any money until they are engaged to the woman. It is all too common for scams to pop up where you may be sending money to an old toothless Ukrainian gangster, rather than the beautiful woman that you thought loved you.

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Mistake 1: Sending money

Mistake # 2. Sending money for a plane ticket or the visa process

Granted, you probably want to meet the lady you’ve been talking to as soon as possible, but if they tell you that they need a large amount of money for a visa, you may want to cook things down. First, depending on the type of visa, they shouldn’t cost more than $140-$305.

If you plan on getting a plan ticket for them, you can always buy that yourself and put it in your name. Don’t do anything that you don’t feel comfortable doing—ever.

Mistake #3. Stereotyping your future Ukraine wife

As I mentioned before, your wife is not necessarily going to be a subservient woman that just wants to have babies, clean house, and serve you. Many Ukrainian women have career goals and a high level of education. At the same time, most families do raise the girls to know how to be good housekeepers and mothers because marrying a good man is of utmost importance.

To be continued…

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