Do All Ukraine Women Only Use Western Men?

Dear friends,

Today I want to tell a story. A few days ago, I found a very hot discussion at (see here: -CONTACT/DONT-DO-IT.html). What is this discussion about? Well, one Western man claims that Russian and Ukrainian women want only to use Western men and do not look for a real love abroad.

BrentBurnedInCA says:


I married a “model quality” woman named Irina. We were married for 7 years, with one child. I sponsored her parents for permanent resident visas. The very day that she received word from her father that they received their visas, she started cheating on me. We knew six other Russian woman / American man couples. Only one of them is still married, and she is threatening divorce. The girls all know how generous divorce settlements are, and they plan on them. They want at least one kid to assure child support payments.

Bottom line: they are from a land where morality doesn’t exist. Cheating on a man is just no big deal to them. Lying is OK for them, but bad for everyone else. Double standards and refusal to accept responsibility like you have never seen. It is all about exchanging sex for a better life – nothing more.

Buyer beware!

Ukraine ladies

I disagree. Thats why I would like to tell you the story that shows that Ukraine women as well as Western men have different goals in Ukrainian online dating.

Several years ago my dear friend Tom set off on a Ukrainian adventure tour, the purpose of which was to meet cultured, young Ukraine women for marriage. During the course of his “adventure” he met and took am interest in a 25 year old divorcee, Olga. I neglected to mention that Tom was 65 at the time.

Tom and Olga paired off and became a couple for the three remaining weeks of Tom’s visit to Ukraine. Paired off is not an accurate description. Olga insisted that her friend Katrina accompany them on all outings and serve as an interpreter and a chaperone of sorts. She was also an attractive young woman. All three parties got along famously, and an enjoyable time was had by all.

Before Tom left for the states, Olga took him to meet her parents, both of whom were significantly younger than he. Olga told him of the hardships her parents faced. Tom responded sympathetically by buying her parents an expensive washer and dryer along with a new TV and a month’s supply of groceries. Once home, he sent her father a number of expensive suits he hadn’t worn since his retirement.

Tom and Olga spent considerable time emailing one another on the laptop he gave her. The relationship bloomed over the Internet. Soon the couple was making plans to meet again for a hopefully romantic holiday in St. Petersburg. Tom made arrangements at the swankiest hotel in the city and sent Olga money for her trip. When they met in, a surprise awaited him.

Ukraine women

Katrina had joined the party and her and Olga were sharing a room. Tom’s idea of a comfortable love nest for two was shattered. Irregardless, the three-some enjoyed their days in St. Petersburg. Tom bought expensive outfits for both girls and treated them to a great time. Upon departure, Olga announced that she truly was not interested in pursuing the relation ship any further.

Having spent several thousand dollars on her, and several more for the trip Tom returned home with a deflated ego. Several weeks later he got an email from Katrina, the interpreter who expressed interest in beginning a new relationship. Bill took her up on it. I have lost track of how many trips abroad he has taken to be with Katrina, but there have been several over the past five years. Tom is now 71. He enjoys meeting his paramour once or twice a year in exotic places like Paris, Istanbul and Vienna. He gets great satisfaction from strolls on the boulevards in romantic places with a 30 year old beauty on his arm, drawing stares from envious male on- lookers and scornful females. That is his reward. The trips and gifts are hers.

Tom’s goal, he tells me, never was to seek out Ukraine women for marriage, only for an exotic, no strings attached relationship. Hers was the exitement of travel and adventure with a safe, wealthy American. Who is the user? Who is being used? Looks like a draw to me. 🙂

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4 Responses

  1. Date Ukrainian Women says:

    This is a great article and I think in any relationship you need real honesty for it to last. Start the relationship on an honest footing and you will get more out of it. Tom knew what he wanted from the outset of this relationship and in the end both Tom and Olga where happy with the arrangement. Sounds like heaven to me !!!

  2. Michael Caldwell says:

    OK, here is my opinion on this whole thing. I live in Odessa Ukraine, I speak Russian and a few other languages. I know this country pretty well. Marriage agencies are a big business in Ukraine. I will agree that there are some women serious on such sites maybe 1 or 2 %. Why are they there? A few reasons, they get a nice photo shoot, some free dinners, extra cash, some get trips, and you men are more than willing to do whatever it takes to land a young beauty. I guess you could say you get what you deserve in a way. Do you really think alkl of these girls want to leave their country, friends and family to be with some guy who is 30 years older than them. Ukraine may not be rich, the people may not have great salaries but it is their home and people do not get shot here. I like Ukraine, it is my home. I do not have a girlfriend, I live in a nice part of Odessa Park Schivchenko and I am happy here. I think it is funny when I see Americans come to odessa big smiles on their face to meet the woman who probably does not have any idea who they are. Yes boys translators do the communication not the girls. I am sure they appreciate the free meal, the over priced taxi, the 50-50 split of your money for the translator. If you want a girl come here to live, you will have many.

  3. j says:

    Seek Jesus and HE will solve all of your problems, nothing else will. God Bless.

  4. lovingman says:

    Planning to visit my Ukrainian girlfriend

    I met Tatyana in Ukraine. We’ve been in a relationship for a year. It has been the best year of my life.

    Despite the distance, we still manage to communicate everyday.

    We chat a lot, and sometimes do video calls. Now, I’m planning to visit her again next month.

    My great thanks to A Foreign Affair! This company helped me find my everything.

    During their tour in Ukraine, I met hundreds of beautiful sophisticated women.

    But it’s Tatyana who caught my attention. After the event, we met again and asked her to be my girlfriend.

    Fortunately, she said “yes”.

    Our 1 year relationship made me realize I love her. I know she feels the same way too.

    Next month, I’ll travel Ukraine, visit her and if it feels right, I’ll ask her to marry me.

    I know it’s a risky thing to do but I am so sure with this. I can’t let her go. I need to propose.

    I’m here to ask y’all what would be the best gift to give to her.

    I want her to be happy with my present. I need your advice with this guys!

    Thanks for your responses!

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