It Was Destined To Be! The Love Story of Thierry and Tatyana

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Ukraine Love StoryDo you believe in love at first sight? What about a love that’s destined to be? Thierry and Tatyana’s love is a story of both. 🙂 The beautiful story of the Ukraine woman and Western man. Their love began with a click on Anastasia Date, an online dating site.

Tatyana is a beautiful blonde Ukraine woman. Thierry is from the Western World. Thierry searched through the Ukraine online dating site for a mate. Their story is one of success from the many created on Anastasia. Tatyana knew that her ‘man’ was out there somewhere and she knew he would find her.

Her thoughts were that she would let him come to her. But Tatyana figured she had to help him out somewhat. Tatyana is gorgeous. She did not have to settle. Her beauty resulted in a lot of interest and offers. However, she knew there was one special man and one day, her wait would be over.

In 2009, Tatyana’s wait was over. She began corresponding in writing with Thierry. Thierry stated that they must meet in person. According to Thierry, “One meeting was worth hundreds of letters.” They arranged to meet.

ukrainian success storyTatyana described Thierry as a man of decision. She said when he was driving to meet her, he called and told her he was on his way. In two hours, he was at her doorstep. During their meeting, they talked for hours. Each had many questions. However, Tatyana knew from the moment she laid eyes on Thierry, he was the man for her. Her dreams were coming true. However, she did not wish to come on too strong. She wanted to remain elusive and give him the opportunity to romance her.

After dates on the Island of Phuket and in Paris, they realized their love was strong and they could not live without each other. At the end of summer 2009, while in Paris Thierry proposed to Tatyana. Tatyana said ‘yes.’

While planning for the wedding, Tatyana could not think of anything but Thierry and her love for him. In March 2010, the couple, who met and fell in love through a Ukraine online dating site were married in Kiev.:)

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