Guys, Do you Really Want Only „One Thing“ from Ukrainian Women?

Dear friends,

I’ll start my new blogpost by bringing you an example of a bad message a Western man can write to his Ukrainian girl:

„I sent you some photos and a letter but I have not heard back from you. I would also love to chat with you here or on another messenger. I love your beautiful mind, your sexuality and you long lovely legs.


Almost every day I read through various forum posts in which Russian and Ukrainian women exchange their experiences in relationships with Western men. I also want to know what problems single women from Russia and Ukraine have with the Western culture, traditions, mentality as well as intercultural relationships.

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I’ve recently come across an interesting discussion of the women who wonder, whether it’s just a sexual relationship with a beautiful Ukrainian or Russian woman that Western men are looking for.

The woman confessed that many Western men she’d met through International dating sites asked her if she could send them her nude pictures. Speaking from my dating experience, I, too, can say that a few gentlemen asked me to send them “sexy pictures” of myself. I must say honestly, these requests did not make me happy. Moreover, I was deeply offended by that and I felt like a piece of meat. 🙁

I’ve already written that Ukrainian and Russian women on the Internet have a personality and character. They have feelings and emotions. Therefore, you have to respect them. It means that you, dear gentlemen, must have patience and find time to get to know them better. The important step to intimacy will take place someday and this should be something special to the both of you.

Many women say that they ignore such requests and want no contact with such men. And believe me, Ukrainian and Russian women for marriage do not want to see any naked pictures of youselves.

My advice is act like gentlemen and do not ask for nude pictures if you dream about a serious relationship with a Ukrainian lady. I know that not everyone makes such a thing but there are still those men who think that such a request is something normal to do. No, no, no! My second piece of advice regarding the Ukrainian dating is not to write about sexuality of women, your erotic fantasies and dreams. Believe me, this does not work!!!

If you do not know what you should write about, just ask me. I’ll give you tips on how to write and communicate with Ukrainian and Russian ladies the right way. (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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    Really Ukrainian women are too sexy and hot. i like them for my heart.

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