Ukraine Online Dating & Scam: Christopher asks – Krystyna answers

Dear Friends

Christopher, my reader from Canada, asks me on how to protect himself from being “scammed”. I’m sure that this question is interesting to many of the Ukrainian Dating blog’s readers.


Christopher asks:

Hello Krystyna,

My name is Christopher, and I am from Canada. I feel very fortunate and glad to have found your blog. It is very informative and detailed about those who wish to find a partner abroad. I have been unfortunate in regards to keeping long-term relationships here in Canada, which is one of the reasons I decided to “think outside the box.”

I am currently using a dating site, that seems to be pretty new on the web. I have read all the pros/cons of going through this journey to find my “One”. Still, I feel I can handle this new challenge and journey I have taken.

My dilemma seems to be my own extreme caution about using this particular website. I have done some research on this site I use –

There is not that much info when I researched it in detail; which I gather is because the website has only been operating for about a year now. I do have a name and contact information about the agency that runs the website though. Which is not found on the website itself, only a support page where you can e-mail them directly.

When I received some of the messages from those who I am interested in, it reads and feels like it is “canned” in some parts (because I remember reading the same sentences/statements from another previous message from a different woman; not all of the messages are exactly “carbon-copies” though which is probably a good sign. But I understand not a lot of the Ukrainian women can speak English, so therefore they use a “Translator” to write for them.

What steps or advice can you offer me to protect myself from being “scammed” or duped with this particular situation I am in?

Thank you for reading my post,

Christopher S.


KrystynaKrystyna answers:

Hello Christopher,

on my Ukrainian Dating Blog, I’ve written about scammers in the International dating world. Of course, this is a hot topic that is interesting for all Western men who dream to find a right Ukraine woman for marriage. As we all know, there is a high risk to be scammed on the Russian / Ukrainian dating sites.
5 basic steps I offer you and all men to protect yourself from being “scammed”:

Step #1: Reputation & Experience of the Agency

Firstly, find out the reputation of the marriage agency on the Internet and read the experiences of other men. Just type in Google: “experience”. For example, I did it and did not find any information on this dating site. And that’s not a good sign. This means that the agency has no reputation and no experience. I recommend you to find a well-established agency which is working for many years in the dating industry.

Step #2: Look at the women on the dating site.

Be realistic: It cannot be possible that all women look like top models. Either their photos are worked with photoshop, or the women are scam. Pick a normal sympathetic woman with a nice smile.

Step #3: Call the woman!

If you feel that the girl is cute and can be right for you, ask her for her phone number and home address. You want to send flowers for her, for example. If the woman won’t or gives an office address – this is definitely a bad sign for you and the woman can be a fake.

Step #4: Do not send money!

First, decent Ukrainian women work. Secondly, decent Ukrainian women are proud women and would never ask for money. A few years ago, I met nice men on dating sites, but I never asked them about money. I was happy about flowers and small gifts as signs of their attention. But never asked for money!

Step #5: Ask the woman about everything!

In order to develop a relationship, you need to know each other better. Therefore, I recommend you to ask many questions: about her family, friends, job, childhood, dreams, future plans, family plans, hobbies, preferences, culture, background etc.

When you see that the woman like your questions and gives you detailed answers, it means that she is open toward you and has interest. When the woman ignores your questions and writes standard sets (like about weather) you should think that the woman is a fake.

The most important rule in the online dating world is to be careful!!!

My other artikel about Ukraine dating scams:

(1) The Most Important Facts About Ukraine Dating Scams
(2) Help! My Ukrainian Girl is Spam!

More questions? – ask Krystyna



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18 Responses

  1. That is some great advice and I will be taking it into consideration. Thank you very much Krystyna!

    – Christopher S.

  2. Paul says:

    Hi Krystyna,

    You didn’t mention the part about seemingly prewritten frases that ladies use. Does presence of such frases mean that they are scam for sure or does the translator give them these frases to use? Searching for bits and pieces of text from ladies profiles often reveals other ladies, even on serious sites, using the very same text on their profile.

    I have had over 60 letters back and forth with a lady, of personal character. Long and short letters. She’s answering all my questions always and she has never asked for money. She wants me to visit her, not the other way around. We have even sent some letters through email. Suddenly when I asked to chat with her on Skype or another IM outside the site, she seems to not be very interested anymore and avoids me. I don’t understand why? But after this i realized that all the text on her profile were used on other profiles for other girls on other sites. Does this mean she was a scam? How did she plan to scam me? Is the scam the agency that makes money of of making up fake ladies?

    • Christopher S. says:

      Hey Paul,

      That’s one of the questions Ive been meaning to ask as well, but I figure the best guess is that their “Translators” probably have a cheat-sheet/canned phrases where they can copy and paste general sentences/ideas into their clients messages. I’ve done it myself with a few sentences/paragraphs, when I explain to my correspondences about myself and my personality. So I figure the translators do the same as well. How is your Ukrainian-corrspondence girl, who can’t speak or read English well, gonna find out anyways right!? lol 🙂

      As for your situation, I’ll take a guess and say; best possible senario is that your taking the correspondance out of her comfort zone, and she’s just feeling a bit fearful; hence the avoidance and and uninterest. But it sounds like that you’ve been corresponding each other for a while and she even wants you to visit her. So, I don’t really get why she would be cold all of a sudden. I’d suggest you keep the correspondance going and bring it up again later, or try to exchange phone numbers and get in touch with each other directly. But, I tend to trust my gut instincts too, so if its telling you its a scam… be very cautious!

    • JHS says:

      It means she’s a man.
      Oh, and the word is “phrase.”

  3. Yong Cordeiro says:

    Sorry, but I am still very unsure of using any online service for a date. What is wrong with the old-fashioned way? Maybe go to a local sidewalk cafe, or coffee shop and scope for interesting people. My most interesting relationships have been started with just a simple conversation.
    Who knows, maybe I will overcome this fear of the unknown and try it someday. Anyway, thanks for the interesting read.

    • Christopher S. says:

      Hey Yong,

      Well I dont think you read this article well because I did mention why I turned to Online Dating.

      “I have been unfortunate in regards to keeping long-term relationships here in Canada, which is one of the reasons I decided to “think outside the box.””

      Also, I’ll add that in my city where I from in Canada, the guy/girl ratio is 7 guys to 1 girl (its a bummer I know). Part of the reason being is my city’s labor market and economic trend, its majorly a blue-collar city (trades & Oil – sorta like Texas) and easy to find a job.

      But in my situation, I can’t seem to find a compatible partner because (though my past girlfriends are beautiful and sexy) they are just superficial/immature, party animals, too much career-oriented, dont want kids or be a mother, etc.

      Even the trend now is that 1 and 3 relationships start because of Online Dating. I’m happy that your finding your relationships with women fine the “old-fashioned way”, but thats my reason for turning to Online Dating and looking especially at the Eastern-European side of it.


  4. Kelvin says:

    this guys really get on my nerves,they come up with one bloody story or the other.well nice one though..good advice.i have been studying this scammers for some time now to know how they operate. just started a blog
    You can check it out

  5. Charles says:

    Hello guys, Just want to participate to this discussion really interesting i have to say, thanks to you Krystyna.
    For my part i had bad experiences with scam girls, but i never loose money, only hours and hours of mailing with fake girls!! You have to know that they use really convinced technics such as send a false passeport to me!! to let me think she is real! pics with parents, sisters… even false plane tickets… It’s a game and you can play with it sometime like i do research on the IP adress from the girl to check first if the messages are sent from her country.
    Then you have to have answers of your questions!! most of the time you don’t if it’s a scam! you already mentioned it!good point!
    I think we all have good intentions with girls but most of the time it’s not a girl you speak with, it’s a big money machine! NEVER SEND MONEY!
    I am a nice guy and i have a lot of girls here in Canada but my only wish is to marry a East European girl! because they are all a man can wish from a girl!
    I wish you good luck and avoid agencys like : anastasia, ussr-star, badoo,…
    I just start an another one it’s `Elenamodel“ girls look like more real because if you check for exam0ple ussr-star they are all Top model, if it was real i would live there for shure!! I hope you understood my english and wish you the best!

  6. Carlo deTesla says:

    You don’t even need to do any investigation outside of site to know that it is a scam. 1) They charge you per communication. 2) Virtually every woman shown is gorgeous. 3) Is it not amazing how desperate the women are; they will gladly hook up with men that are decades older than they are. 4) If you have the extra money & time to throw away, what do you think would be the results of you posing as two different men and you “both” send flowers to the same woman? The video will very likely be the same one for two supposedly different occasions.

    Meanwhile, a reputable site, such as eHarmony charges a flat fee with no restrictions.

  7. rahmat says:

    hi Krystyna,

    i started with dating service but because am a muslim i told them that they have to revert to my religon before i marry them but even i am on date asia and ukraine and ussr and but each time i tell them they change the subject so i have read about scams and my first letter i explain everything then i wait for the reply,its not wat i wanted so i block them but am 42 and i have these 18 to wat ever writing to me.

    It makes me happy and i thunk am in paradise,beautiful ones,i cant believe it but then i think about my british passpert which there are trying to come over into this country,i thank fitst god and then the queen that all them ladies would lower them selves and write there first letter to me which is free for them but wen i write back then it comes to a regurlar letter but i cant afford it cos am paying for there letters aswell anyhow they got beautiful girls and your heart will go for them,i dont know wat shall i do??

    I need a young nice fit women being bought up in uk, do u recommend any websites other that have original girls not fakes, plus i have realised first they send u some young potos and then later that girl becomes older potos and some i have realised they sell the contact to some women who are interested in us to them who are desperate who has heard of this country and the benefits.

    But also am scared that i’ll bring them over and once they become citizens then either they will leave and ask for a divorce and bring the man they like in there country here so they win but if i do bring them here my aim is go to the fullest with them like sex ways and get them fed up so if they are fake then they wont live with u and will go back,i dont know about the law how many years they get a passport

    But until them enjoy the life with them and if they miss behave then send them back,but also i am worried wat if they get preagneant and they get the passport and then leave me then i have lost everything cos i want a family they might be sneaky ,any advice and can u plzzz email me thnk u bye.

  8. Walt K says:

    I am interested in finding out of arrangements can be made for a long lasting relationship without marriage. In other words someone coming over here to live without marriage or children being involved. It would be a relationship of companionship and love again without marriage being involved.

    I would go through the process of going over there and seeing if we were compatible.


  9. Chris says:
    i to feel I am being scammed by this site and witl keep you posted i just want to get married and have kids and it costs 100 for 100 credits I am not here to spend money on a webist

  10. AmoLuce says:

    Hi yah all

    Have enjoyed reading all your points of view.When I write to people I word things in such a way as to trap any form of pre posted answers ans also I am asking a ton of questions that would either bring positive or negative answers and this is also a test I use… But I am going to suggest a exchange of numbers as you have suggested a very good idea even if she is unable to understand English her answers will be interesting and revealing none the less… I have also written identical letters containing same questions and most have ignored the questions exception of one and all had different opinions of what I asked.

    Peace to you all

  11. Didier says:

    Hi Krystyna
    Thanks for all the tips you gave here.

    Question regarding scam or not scam:

    I am in correspondance with a lady, if I check your advices and the content of the letters,mails I got from her = no scam. But I asked the site to make a research of the name/forname/tel/emailadr/city/etc…to see if the girl has a scam reporting? YES, she had and I got the report against 15 Euros!!
    In 2 weeks I should take the plane and meet her….We have tel call 1 to 2 times a week. Do tel call prevent against fraud or not, what is your experience?

    Thanks for tips and feedback

    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Dear Didier,

      Thank you for your comment and question :).

      As for me, the call with the woman from Ukraine can show if the woman has serious intentions or not. Therefore, you should always look for when calling your Ukrainian woman for the first time, is listen to the sound of your voice.

      In my opinion, her voice should sound excited, and you may be able to hear a little nervousness as well (I am sure that you are also very nervous if you call a woman from Ukraine for the first time). If she sounds an excited and slightly nervous, then that is a great indicator that she’s real and that’s she’s very interested in you as well.

      She should sound nervous because she may know exactly how to respond as she’s just so excited to finally hear your speaking voice for the first time. And the first time you call someone it can be a little nerve-racking. But if you call and she sounds monotone and very nonchalant, that could be a red flag for you to note.

      Some people don’t know that their feelings can simply be expressed in their voice.

      Moreover, you could use Skype to indicate if your woman is real or not. By physically seeing her, you will be able to pick up on your emotions and even actions as well. If you call and she’s very calm and seemingly not connected then that should definitely be a red flag.

      The first time you video chat with someone they should be a little nervous, and maybe even overwhelmed with excitement the first few times you all decide to video chat.

      I believe that it should be a pleasant and overall happy experience if the Ukraine woman is sincerely interested in your personality.



  12. Mercredi says:

    After sending a free virtual kiss to a young and beautiful and beautiful Moldave woman called from USSR-STAR, she wrote me two messages. But instead, I started a conversation with Ukrainian woman. But feeling fake myself, I decided to close my account. Before than, I decided to spend my last credit and finally read the Moldavian girl’s message.

    Months later, don’t ask me why, I re-activated my account. The Moldave girl wrote me again twice. As she had some new very pretty photos. I bought a minimum credits, looked at her videos and got convinced to write her. She kindly replied me, commenting enthusiastically my message. Then, to recall what she wrote me in the messages she had sent me months ago, I read everything once more. And I found this:

    -Moldavian girl, message No.1, Febuary 13:
    “…I also love pets very much but I never had one…”
    -Moldavian girl, message No.4, May 25:
    “…I have a cat…”
    -Me, message No.2, May 27:
    “How long do you have this cat?”
    -Moldavian girl, message No.5, May 27:
    “… dog… love for pets… I have a cat, I have him for two years already…”

    Well, I didn’t feel angry, more fascinated by the incident. I wasn’t very honest with myself anyway. I politely wrote her about what I found out and even thanked her for ending my search of love on the web. She replied me quickly, but I couldn’t read it, being out of credits; good timing. I copied the dialogue to the staff without saying more and I closed my account.

    Some questions remain. In general, I think women are exploited just as much as men by those kind sites. Or even more. I don’t think they need to hire fake girls, it would be too much troubles and would cut the profit. I’m curious to find out what publicities they make to collect female members over there. Considering that Ukraine is at civil war, has 45 000 000 people and average annual salary 8000$. That Moldova has average salary 3 000$ per year. It must not take much. Those women might just as well be running for it exactly like the the men here. Falling for the illusion. Now imagine if they offer theme free agency service with professional photos and translation. Since they are persuaded that man will be nicer if they come from as fare as possible… Or maybe they also have to pay?

    Funny thing, a friend married a Russian girl (not from the web) but she can’t succeed to enter Canada, even if they have a kid…

    What was that Moldave girl business or intention? I’ll never know!

    Hope it helps.

    PS: Before to contact a lady, make a google image search of her photos. How: You go to Google image and click on the little camera icon on the right side of the search bar. Then you slide in the photos one by one from your desktop inside the box. It will show you other sites with the same photo or similar ones.

  13. Andrew says:

    Krystyna, most of these sites are expensive so before you can get to know a lady you must spend money. And in some cases, a lot of money! Especially sites like ” USSR.” So there’s more than one way to be scammed.

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