Ukrainian women are leaders!

Dear Friends,

Today I would like to publish a short post about an interesting dating statistics.

Independent Russian dating experts found out that Ukrainian women are the most active mail order brides from the former Soviet Union looking for happiness abroad. 62,000 single beautiful women from Ukraine have a profile on different International dating sites!!!

Ukraine Women for Marriage

32,000 Russian women hope to find a Western man for life and use International dating and matchmaking sites for this.

13,000 Belarusian women for marriage are looking for a partner abroad.

And very few women in Estonia (551 mail order brides), Georgia and Armenia (less than 25) hope to find their soul mate in the Western world.

I think it’s a little easier to find a perfect wife among 62.000 Ukraine mail order brides then among 551 brides from Estonia! 🙂 Right, dear men?

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4 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    Hello, this may sound like a naive question, but I have to ask:

    Why is it that so many Ukrainian women are seeking to marry someone outside of Ukraine? It is a beautiful country, it has a great education system, and life is generally nice.

    Yes I know that the economy is not so great, but there are lots of countries all over the world where the economy is not so great either, but the women from those countries are not seeking to leave.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts and feedback.

    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hello Daniel,

      you are right: Ukraine is a beautiful country with interesting culture and traditions.
      I understand your question very well (and it is not naive!!!). Most of the Western men looking for a woman from Ukraine wonder why so many Ukrainian women seek a man abroad. Why cannot Ukrainian men make their women happy?

      The Main Reason Why Ukrainian Women Look for Men Abroad

      Most women in this day and age want a loving and honest partner that will love them no matter what. It is in a woman’s nature to crave this stability and security, and Ukrainian women are no different. The fact of the matter is that Ukrainian women cannot find loyal relationships in their country, and so they look abroad for a man. Ukrainian women with children are especially prone to problems finding a decent partner (to learn how to date a Ukrainian woman with kids CLICK HERE)

      Ukrainian women need a feeling of safety and security, and these are essential things that a Ukrainian man cannot provide for a woman. The men focus on themselves and their needs and wants.

      Meanwhile, the woman is left feeling unloved and unappreciated. Women in the Ukrainian rely on dating websites and ads to find a man from abroad that will care for them in the way that they deserve. For most Ukrainian women, this is a last resort to find the man they are looking for.

      If they have children, women from the Ukrainian have an even harder time finding a partner. They need someone to provide love for their kids as well themselves, and they feel that they can find this type of man abroad.


  2. Daniel says:

    Hello again,

    Since I just saw this blog for the first time, I didn’t see your other entries. I just found the answer to my question in your other posting that I found here:


  3. ruben says:

    Saludos, desde suramérica. En esta parte del mundo los hombres somos muy pegados a la familia, alegres y cariñosos. Y, si me gustaría establecer amistad con lindas mujeres de Ucrania y, tal vez, encontrar entre ellas a la pareja que me hace falta.

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