The best places in Ukraine to meet Ukrainian women for marriage

Dear Gentlemen,

many of my readers ask me where in Ukraine they can find the right Ukrainian woman for life without any help of dating and marriage agencies (as you know, they can be so expensive!!!). Is that even possible? Today, I try to find an answer to this hot and maybe a little bit complicated question… 🙂

I’ve been thinking and looking for the suitable locations and cities in Ukraine where you can find a Ukrainian woman for marriage. Are streets, bars, clubs, cafes, trade centers or beach the best places to meet your dream woman from Ukraine?

In my opinion, when looking for the best places in Kiev to meet Ukrainian women for marriage, it is unlikely that the type of girl a guy from the West is going to want to marry will be hanging out in a bar or club. It’s true there are some lovely Ukrainian girls to get to know but like everywhere else there are also opportunists. The opportunist will want a chance to live and work outside of her country and chances are as soon as she has got the paperwork she is looking to get you won’t see her anymore. That is an opportunist. 🙂

meet Ukrainian women

For the guy who is serious about finding a nice Ukrainian girl they need to go through a screening process. In my opinion, the best way to do this is to contact a marriage agency in Kiev and start making dates. Get to know the girls through online correspondence first, connect on something like Skype and see how the chemistry goes. Always try to imagine how they might adapt to life where you are living.

I must say that many of Ukrainian women love their country and it’s difficult for them to stay away from home forever. But there are always the exceptions. Like everywhere else there are people who have a sense of adventure and want to try living elsewhere, especially North America.

At some point you are going to want to actually meet. If at all possible I would recommend taking more than a month to stay in the Ukraine. This way you can get a better understanding about what the country is like and also take some of the time pressure off yourself. There are going to be cultural differences so by going through the marriage agency you will be able to get some insights from the match makers who understand both cultural perspectives.

The right Ukrainian girl is someone who has decided she does want to go abroad. If she has worked hard at perfecting her English then that means she is serious about getting to know the culture more. It shows that she has a genuine interest in living in an English speaking country and won’t have a communication problem.

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