The official statement from Anastasia International on the negative reviews about the company

Dear Friends

Today, I published the post about whether all the profiles of Anastasia International are a fake and whether the girls get paid for registering on and chatting with the clients of this dating agency (s. here:

You should know that I have written about my personal thoughts and impressions about Anastasia International in this article. But as for me, personal thoughts, ideas and impressions are not enough to make the best opinion on the services of Anastasia (or another dating agency). Therefore, I wrote to the Anastasia team yesterday and asked to give us an official statement on this issue.

Anastasia answered me quickly and sent me the following notification:

Dear readers of Ukrainian Dating Blog,

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. Unfortunately there are some false and misleading statements on the Internet about our company (and other legitimate Russian-American online dating companies). It is our opinion that most of them are sponsored by our competitors.

I would like to make it clear that we work hard to provide our clients with a fair and honorable service that abides by US, European, and Russian law. We do everything possible to protect our clients from dishonest individuals, but unfortunately it is impossible to protect our clients from everything. However, we have invested a large amount of money in building one of the most sophisticated verification systems in the online dating industry, and we hope this will stop such individuals from being able to use our services in the future.

We believe that the best defense against fraud is common sense. By combining our advanced verification and anti-fraud system with common sense, AsianBeauties is proud to be one of the safest dating sites on the Internet. Free advice about how you can protect yourself from fraudsters is available on our site and from our customer service representatives.

We would like to thank you once again for taking the time to share your concerns, and we strongly believe that through continued use of our services you will understand that the statements that have been made about our company are completely unfounded.

 2). Quite a few of our ladies enjoy the Live Chat service just as much as our gentlemen do. It really is a great way to get acquainted with someone quickly and in a fun and easy way.

 Some of the ladies stay up late especially to chat with gentlemen who they have a relationship with from the U.S. or Australia.

If you have any concerns about a particular lady, please address them directly to the lady, or alternatively let me know her ID, exactly what is concerning you and I will contact her on your behalf.

 3) The ladies neither pay nor receive money for using our services.

 In the same way are you they are serious about finding a life-long partner at Anastasia.


Your Anastasia International Team

Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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11 Responses

  1. hilton says:


    Now this is interesting. I read the two articles and enjoyed the views on both. What it boils down to is ‘universal balance’. There seems to be more common sense in short supply than I thought; men looking for love in all the right places and don’t use common sense while there at it 🙁

    Matter of fact, if you’re intuition is telling you that something is not adding up quite right, then make that known to the women upfront. If she’s much of a good woman at all she’ll appreciate your attention to details and your honesty. If she’s not, then she’ll blow your question off as though you never answered it, which is in itself a red flag(common sense)…

    Things that make you go hmmmmmm……

    Mahalo from hawaii,

  2. Samuel Summers says:

    Just found your site tonight, very informative, you already have answered some of my thoughts I’ve been searching for. Question, I am writing to 3 ladies in Ukraine and 1 in Moldova, is that ok or should I narrow the number down in my contacts.

    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hello Samuel,

      thank you very much for your comment. 🙂
      In my opinion, it is ok that you write to four women. You should not narrow the number down because it can happen that you do not feel anything to the ladie wenn you meet in person (although your online communication was so awesome).
      You can decide after your first meeting with the ladies with whom you would like to develope your communication.
      Take you care!


    • nathan adams says:

      Samuel, it is ok to have options. You are flying around the world to meet these ladies. You are going to spend $4000-$6000 on this trip. You dont want to go see 1 lady, and not have chemistry. I would try your best to focus on 1. But, it is ok to chat with 1-2 others. But, be honest will all who you communicate with. They will appreciate this!!

  3. Al says:

    Anastasia is a scam!!!

    Why? You can get hundreds letters from those girls and you sent them your letters until you ask for phone number and email address. After you ask contact information all communication will stop immediately. Don’t wasting your time. Ask for contact information as soon as possible.

  4. Tony says:

    Another problem that I have had with some dating sites, and lets include AnastasiaDate in here, is that if you join and put absolutely nothing in your profile (as in no age, picture, name, where you’re from) watch to see how many emails you will receive. Hundreds? I got tons and had no info on myself. And if I looked like a hunchback or a werewolf but didn’t submit any info for my profile, I still get tons of chat requests constantly (about every 8 seconds). It’s so exceptionally hard to believe it is legitimate.

    The emails I receive are also “canned” cut and paste emails. Once I actually did post my information, these canned emails still came mentioning absolutely nothing that I talked about in my profile such as interests. So is a comuter sending them or is there there a woman there, or is it a huge fat hairy man who hired a model and uses her pictures while he lives on the beach somewhere making 60 dollars an hour chatting up the fellas. It’s not so far fetched.

    It sucks but it just does not feel right. I think the only way is to go over there but at this point I have not learned the safe way to do it and how to set up dates that are legitimate.

    I just discovered this site tonight so thanks everyone. Keep up the honest heart felt comments and conversation so we can get somewhere in our search for a good partner.



  5. nathan adams says:

    Ok men, her is a first hand account with Anastasia’s web site. I joined this site in November 2011. I really did not know what to expect, but I had high hopes. First, I will say that I wrote and chated with many different ladies on this site. As it is in face to face dating, some experiences were great, some ladies I had no chemistry with. But,…in June 2012, I meet a lady named Elena. She was from Odessa. Were wrote and chated almost every day for 3 months, we just clicked right away. Then I flew to Odessa to meet Elena. I spent 25 days with Elena, meet her family. We had a great time togeather. I just sent Elena’s K1 Visa paperwork in to USCIS. Yes, she will be coming to the United States to stay with me and my daughter for 3 months. I fully expect she will call Utah her new home, and we will be a family togeather. If you join any of these Russian dating sights, I have some very strong recommendations you should live by. You must be realistic about who will have interest in you. “The age difference, if any” A 10-15 year difference between a man and women is normal in the Ukraine. They want a responsible mature man that wants a family. A man they can count on in life. A man to treat them with respect and kindness.Their is a 10-1 women to men ration in the Ukraine. For what ever reason,…many men in the Ukraine have a drinking issue, they Love their Vodka!!. Many ladies their do not like this. So,…if you are realistic, not living a fanasty!! Like a 60 year old man chasing a 22 year old lady!! You have all the odds in your favor to meet the women of your dreams. Is Anastasia a scam,….I can not say yes or no. But, ladies are responsible for their own actions!! Unfortunately,…if a ladies scams a man he meet from their site. It looks badly on Anastasia. Not all ladies,100%, have real sincere intensions. Common since will tell you this, but if you set standard/guidelines about age and English speaking skills of the lady. You can push your success possibilities up greatly. I am 44 years old, while I was on this site. I refused to spend my time and money getting to know ladies 18-25. I just did not feel this was realistic!! I did not even feel ok to chat or write ladies 26-28. Only 2, I still had reservations about their age. Over time,…for me… it seemed that ladies at the age of 30 and older, were much more serious about meeting a man to have a relationship with. Most of the 18-25 are in clubs every weekend!! By ignoring all ladies under the age of 30, requireing the lady to speak English. I meet the lady of my dreams!! I was very lucky on the very first try!! I can tell you from a personal friends experience in Nikoleav and Luganks and Odessa, the lack of communication due to the language, is a Mountain you might never be abel to climb. It is very easy to get carried away on this site when 20-25 year old beautiful ladies are writing a 44 year old man. If you are not careful and choose wisely, you will get your heart and Bank Account broken!! Good luck to all who read this, best of luck!!

  6. James says:

    Are Anastasia date or DM scam’s or not is quite a hot debate on many many blogs and sites, I will be slightly controversial and say no, the reason I will say no is because they do not promise you will pay a few hundred dollars and end up married to the next potential super model, unfortunately quite a few guys get caught up with this idea and slightly loose all sense of reality. The reality is internet dating via these so called marriage sites is not cheap, neither do they make any claims to be cheap, the reality is you can easily end up spending anything between $2,000 – $20,000 with no guarantee of success at the end of it. Once you have faced up to that financial reality, you are ready to face the next big question, are the sites a scam or are the girls real. As I stated earlier and slightly controversially earlier no most of the well know sites are not a scam for the reason I stated earlier, and yes there are some genuine girls on these sites.

    Now in defence of the guys complaining these sites are a scam, you should read the sites disclaimers carefully, most shout as loud as they can that they have strong anti scam policies. In defence of the sites it does not matter how good the site is and what kind of policies they put in place they cannot tell what is in the girls heart and her motives for signing up to the site are. But a lot of the sites do not help themselves when it comes to avoiding the many complaints some of the more vocal critics have.

    1) “we do not pay the girls to chat”
    True but they do not publicise the fact they pay the local agent, and then in a desire to make more money the local agent will then pay the girls to chat. This is very common, you will soon work out how genuine she is when you try to encourage her to chat away from the site.

    2) Translation services
    If you need a translator to talk to your chosen one, then this really should make you question what kind of relationship you are going to build, communication is the key to any successful relationship! and if you need a translator just to communicate the basics you are going to struggle to build the lasting relationship you want. Do you want a translator there on your wedding night?

    3) Age gap – “Russian girls want older guys”
    Reality check time, yes there are girls that are mature for their age and do look for older guys, but they are a small minority. A 10 year age gap is fine and most will not think this is a problem, even 15 years can work, but when the gap is 20, 30 or more years then you should ask yourself what on earth are you both going to have in common once that initial shine wears off.

    4) Final reality check
    Do these sites claim to be a charitable organisation? no they do not, they are in business to make money, despite many laudable claims they are not charities out to spread happiness and marriage. It is a business and it is a very lucrative business! As stated earlier you are going to spend a LOT of money with no guarantee’s of finding the right one, then even if you are lucky you are going to spend even more on trips there to see her, marrying her and bringing her to your country. You have to accept the fact quite a few of the girls on these sites are there to earn money, but even those girls can fall in love, personally I know of 3 successful couples that have meet on Anastasia date and Dream Marriage, and as a final reality check for you, look at the success stories, how many are potential supermodel 20 year old’s married to 50 year old guys that have had an argument with the ugly stick and lost?

  7. Paul says:

    Anybody wanting proof that Anastasia is a TOTAL SCAM that pays women to chat & write to you visit all the proof you need is there. If you tell them they have a professional scammer on the site. They don’t give a f… as long as she is making them money..

  8. Sparky says:

    In my opinion ANASTASIA DATE is not who they say they are. The company promotes itself as a dating agency for Western men and East European women. In reality they are a cleverly crafted business based on the ‘old wild west’ saloon girl model, the modern Bar girl or B-Girl model and the Japanese Chat Hostess Club model. They are in business to extract as much money as possible from unsuspecting men who pay large sums of money for letters, chat, video chat, overpriced gifts, overpriced flowers,phone conversations and romance tours thinking that the girl or girls that they have an online ‘relationship’ with really care about and ‘love’ them.

    These girls are being paid to ‘like’ you and are involved in multiple contests and campaigns to win such prizes as a new car, vacations, Ipads, Iphones, computer tablets and even CASH based on the amount of time that they spend in chat. Paul above WAS 100% correct. Until just a few days ago you could access this site ( and it had laid out there all of the contests and winners for the last TWO years. ANASTASIA has since rebuilt and recrafted this site so that this information is no longer accessible to anyone that may happen to log on to this site. You must be a woman who is registered there and belong to “CLUB ANASTASIA” Interestingly enough, sometimes ANASTASIA calls these promotions contests, sometimes they call them competitions and sometimes they call them CAMPAIGNS. gives the meaning of CAMPAIGN as follows: noun 2. a systematic course of aggressive activities for some specific purpose: A SALES CAMPAIGN.

    Sometimes ANASTASIA does bring two people together to the point of marriage. Then they heavily advertise this fact as though they were great facilitators of love and happiness. Last year in 2012 according to FORTUNE magazine this company made $110,000,000.00! As a point of disclosure I do not know if this was NET or GROSS. However I don’t believe that they facilitated $110,000,000.00 worth of genuine love and romance. My contention is that this company is based on deception, mendacity and sleight of hand. The majority of men that use this website are being manipulated with false promises of love and happiness, while ANASTASIA, the local agencies and the girls themselves are making a tidy profit from the mans sincerity and gullibility. For a more lively discussion you might go to Reviewopedia/anastasia and join in on the conversation.

    As a point of disclosure, I am not a competitor of ANASTASIA, I am not a former employee , I am not a jilted lover seeking revenge, I am not against dating agencies as a whole and I was a customer of ANASTASIA. I even had some good experiences there interacting with some ‘genuine’ women there. All that being said, Let the buyer beware.


  9. Sparky says:

    Well Paul, up until last week you were correct. However, ANASTASIA DATE/WEB has become even more clever in covering their tracks. You see, besides you many men are posting that they know some of ANASTASIA DATE/WEBS’ deceptive and mendacious ways of doing business and are posting about the link elsewhere on the Internet. ANASTASIA DATE/WEB does not like the truth to be known about their operation and will do anything to sanitize and upgrade their image.

    With this in mind they have completely redesigned the website and removed from public view anything that would be incriminating about them. I am sorry to say that any man that goes to this website will no longer see that the girls receive Automobiles, Iphones, I pads, personal computers, trips, vouchers to spas, vacations and yes even cash for participating in ANASTASIA DATE/WEB sales campaigns. ANASTASIA DATE/WEB is so thorough in protecting their image that they even discovered a ‘back door’ link that I had to this website and closed it in my face.

    If you would like to add more to the discussion please go to reviewopedia/anastasia and make your feeling known.



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