Do Ukrainian ladies date only white men?

Dear Gentlemen,

I am sure that many men are interested in this question. Do Ukrainian ladies for marriage date only European and American men? Don’t they want to marry men from China, Africa, India, and Arab countries? Why not? Are they so afraid that cultural differences in this case are too striking? I’ll try to answer this question in order to help non-Caucasian men to understand Ukrainian women better and win their heart.

As you know, 95% of the population of Ukraine is white. Based on historical events, there are still some prejudices against non-Caucasian men in Ukraine and Russia. As you know, the former Soviet Union was closed for foreigners for a long time. The country became more or less a closed society; therefore, Russian and Ukrainian girls could date only their men. But despite the fact that Ukraine is an independent and open country since 20 years, the Ukrainians still consider non-Caucasian people exotic. This means that non-Caucasian men are somewhat extraordinary for Ukrainian ladies.

Intercultural Dating

For most women from Ukraine (particularly if they come from a small town), dating an African, Indian or a Chinese man can mean an unusual experience. It is still rarely that Ukrainian women date and get married to non-European or non-American men who are not white.

From my personal experience, I can tell you, the appearance plays a secondary role in the (intercultural) relationship. If a man has a good personality and self-confidence and he knows how to treat a Ukrainian lady he won’t have any problems and difficulties to win the heart of a woman.

Both parties (both men and women) need to show more tolerance and sensibility towards their cultures. Nowadays, we are extremely focused on the appearance and the race that we forget what things are really important in our life.

Dear Gentlemen, don’t forget that Ukrainian women look for true love, security, respect, and care abroad (things what Ukrainian men are not able to give them). If you can give your woman from Ukraine all these things you are a winner already (no matter what skin color you have!!!).

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4 Responses

  1. hilton says:


    You hit the nail on the head with a sludgehammer! I mean, good holy spirit, you nailed exactly what I have experienced with the small amount of time that I spent with the two young ukrainian women(they were 19 and 20 and I’m 39 years old) who visited hawaii for a week about 3 weeks ago or so.

    If what I experienced and if what they told me was any indication of things to come then I will do extremely well in Kharkov when I go there. Yes, there’s prejudice everywhere; even for white men who try finding wives in Cartegena, Colombia and Cali, Colombia! So, racial prejudice is an equal opportunity seeker 🙂

    As you know, I’m a native hawaiian with the skin color of a chocolate candy bar. But, I don’t have any of the stereotypical physical appearance that is said to be by the mainstream media(such as being overweight, etc..etc). Matter of fact, I’m 6’3″ and a half tall and weigh 205 and I’m a bodybuilder.

    Now, if what I have experienced with the two ukrainian young ladies is an indicator of what is to come, then I would imagine that once I start speaking russian to the local ukrainians and tell them that I’m a native hawaiian I will be not only unique but a rarity since 99% of ALL Ukrainians, living in the Ukraine, have never seen, in the flesh, a real live native hawaiian; less alone a native hawaiian who can speak russian!

    I believe that would qualify me to be unique among uniqueness.

    Also, what I want to say is that you have tackled a question that most american women, less alone american men, would even want to bring up. It takes an open minded person to initiate such a discussion and you’ve proven yourself time and time again that you can open your mind to any and all possibilities. Love doesn’t seek to hide itself in some far away country. It’s wide open for all, so why should humans be any different?!! And, you best believe that since love is wide open for all I’ll be taking advantage of the openness…

    As you know, from my initials emails to you, I told you that I would never date, less alone wanting to marry, an american woman after experiencing the mentality and femininity of those two young ukrainian women.

    Just yesterday, I spoke to a 50 year old Ukrainian lady, who lives right down the street from me. Her husband is a native hawaiian mixed with Somoan. She was explaining to me that they have been married for 5 years now and they just adopted a 2 month old baby! The little baby is a native hawaiian/japanese baby. Since she is able to speak Russian, Japanese, and English fluently(as well as her husband is able to speak japanese fluently), she will want to speak russian, english and japanese to the baby. It was an amazing revelation on my part but it just goes to show you that there are Ukrainian women living in hawaii that don’t and can’t see themselves living anywhere on mainland U.S.A because there’s no competition to hawaii 🙂

    Oh yeah, her husband is a surgeon at one of the major hospitals here on the island of Oahu. She loves the fact that not only is the weather perfect year round, but there’s hurricanes only once every 20 to 25 years. And, this island(Oahu) virtually has no earthquakes or active volcanoes because we are not on a faultline. And whenever there’s a tsunami the islands around us buffers us from the effects.

    Anyway, I know I went off tangent with this message but I just wanted to share with you and the public about my awareness and positive attitude about finding a wife in the Ukraine in 2012.

    It’s going to be a trip of a lifetime…

    Mahalo from Hawaii,

  2. Kamal says:

    Hi Girls,

    I am very much interested to get married with an Ukrainian girl. I live in Singapore and work as an Restaurant Assistant Manager for 2 years and Going to live in Canada soon. I am fair and 5″11 tall guy very down to earth and respect girls…

    If any girls interested in me. Please contact me.. or leave a post.
    I hope to get a positive reply soon.


  3. Shawn says:

    I met a wonderful woman and we have decided to make the next step to meeting. She seems very sincere, and independent, very respectfull and polite. She can only e mail me from work because she does not have a computer. I offered to buy her one and send it and she refused.

    She seemed to be very concerned at first that my intentions were pure. When we decided to meet she declined my offer to help pay for the cost. But now after finding out how much it costs, she has asked for my help.

    I am going to pay the agency directly, but without even searching for it, all these stories of woman scamming men is stealing my joy.

    I am a young-34, very fit and attractive man. What do you think is going on?

    Please help because my heart is already invested in this relationship. Is it possible that she really wants to see me, and just needs help because she is poor?

  4. Srini says:


    I am an Indian first. I respect all and all the ways of cultures. I am sensible and self respect person.
    I m 33 years old I would like to marry ukrain woman .do they get marry Indians?

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