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Dear Friends,

It may be true that women of certain nationalities share unique personality traits. Certainly, we Ukrainian women are known for adoring our families, liking to look as beautiful as we can and appreciating men who know how to appreciate us. Unlike the hot-tempered, perhaps overly melodramatic Italian ladies, we know how to channel our passion into more appropriate avenues.

A Ukrainian lady has no shortage of passion, but she focuses it in a positive way on those she loves most in the whole world — her husband and children. When it comes to protecting her loved ones, the image of a fierce mother bear comes immediately to my mind.

We Ukrainian women, like other European ladies, care about how we look. Doing our nails, taking the time to style our hair and keeping up with the latest fashions are very important to us. You won’t find us lounging around in ill-fitting, sloppy jeans and sweat shirts. It is a matter of personal pride to enjoy looking beautiful and dressing up, especially for those we love.

Ukrainian woman

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In my opinion, Western women could learn something from us in this matter. When you keep yourself looking feminine and attractive, you show your family, especially your husband and his friends, that you value their opinion of you, and you would never want to be less than you could be around them.

Ukrainian women are hard workers. Our lives have made us that way, and we expect to contribute our share to the family in every way we can. While we see our primary roles as mother and homemaker, when the children are old enough, we will want to go back into the workforce and work on our careers. The idea of sitting back and “being taken care of” in a marriage is a foreign concept to the strong-minded Ukrainian woman.

Because we like to look nice for our men, we also appreciate sincere compliments, especially when we go out of our way for you. Like any woman, we want to feel valued and noticed. Don’t try to pretend with us or manipulate us with false words. We will open our heart and soul to you and speak our minds honestly, but we want to be treated with the same respect. Ukrainian women have so much to offer and really ask so little in return. I think that any man who wins the love of such a woman has won a great prize.

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  1. hilton says:


    Your article rings true from my personal experience with the two young ukrainian women that I spent time with while they were here in hawaii.

    Even though they were only 19 and 20 years old, they were very mature. One of them, and you got my email about the one that I’m referring too, is a real hard worker and told me that she wanted to further her University education and wanted a career and that marriage was not something she thought about. On the flip side, I just got an email from her two days ago and she told me that she will not be able to find a job in Hawaii because the agency, in Ukraine, that is responsible for trying to find a job for Ukrainian women, was not able to find her a job here in hawaii. Matter of fact, she told me that she would more than likely be going to Florida and working at the Pizza store in southern florida this coming summer. She also let me know that after this summer, she will probably go to China to work because she will graduate from University and it will then be nearly impossible for her to get a Visa to the U.S.A. So, this coming summer might be the last time she will be in U.S.A. She told me that it is very easy for her to get a Chinese Visa.

    I emailed you just now and you will see what she looks like. These are the pictures of her here in hawaii.

    I will download the free ebook you have also 🙂

    Mahalo from Hawaii,


  2. keemaya says:

    you article was too good and i am agree with that. Ukrainian ladies get marry at very early age but their maturity level was too high. they give first priority to her family, husband and children and secondly to their career.

  3. mighty says:

    well, your stories of Ukraine women, is quite funny, filled with stories of how beautiful they are.

    Ok, this is the real story,,, hold your seats!!!!

    They are beautiful, but 99% of them are only beautiful on the OUTSIDE. On the INSIDE there lies the Ukraine woman that looks for MONEY. They fabricate “A” and “B” lists of men they date, they always ask for money even IF they have avery well paid Government job. And guess what happens when they say ALL the perfect things a foreign man wants to hear. Like, I’ll introduce you to my mother, my mother is asking questions about you, I want you to meet my family, I want you to stay at my cottage in the summer, I want to live with you In Canada, I want to take my dog and cat, and live there making a relationship, ready to marry.

    So what happens next, after I send money for passport, (travel) renewal, she stops talking to me completely, huh!!!!

    This is the real Ukrainian women, its business, its money, they have created within themselves a blood sucking falsehood for the foreign man.

    This is the real story.

    Anyone thats on Anastasia Date site, delete your profile immediately, ALL of the ladies, yes, ALL are blood sucking fakes,,, trust me, been in love twice now, and heart broken twice. I don’t shop in Ukraine to save anyone from their life, nor should you,,,, But I am honest, and loving, and when I’m dating in Ukraine, they take advantage of me as much as possible, trust me, you will believe them, you will spend moeny, you will believe and trust in them. But also, you will get NOTHING in return, they are NOT loving and devoted to any man, they want MONEY, they are now MONSTERS, these blogs only describe what the Ukraine woman was 5 years ago, it is different now, much different. Trust me, they are monsters that suck your wallet dry, and the worst,,,, the worst is the translators or interpreters, they do not work for you, they talk in Russian to your date, and get kick-backs from restaurants. They are there for your money, and of course, so you buy interpreter dinner and wine and champagne, also with your date.

    They abuse the foreign man as much as the date,,,,,,

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