Tips on How to Date a Ukrainian Lady With Kids

Dear Friends,

Western men who are considering Ukrainian dating might wonder why beautiful single mothers might look for a man abroad:

dating a ukraine woman

Part of this concern is due to the fact that many single Ukrainian mothers in their early to mid 30s are stunning women who seem like they should be able to find a husband in their own home town. Understanding the facts about the Ukraine can help clear up some of the confusion about this situation.

As a Ukrainian woman, I know that the competition is strong. Many Ukrainian women are beautiful and many younger women do not yet have any children. This factor makes it challenging for single mothers to remarry.

Ukrainian dating is different from other countries due to the fact that many of the women are stunning and numerous younger women who are not yet mothers are available. Men in the Ukraine are more likely to prefer dating a younger woman who has no children than a single mother. The chances of a single mother in her mid 30s remarrying a man in the Ukraine is very low.

For western men who are considering the option of dating a Ukrainian woman, the chances of having the opportunity to find a young single mother who is available is much higher than finding a younger woman who is not yet a mother.

Ukrainian woman

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Many men feel that they look younger than their age and might try getting involved with a younger woman in her 20s. The problem is that western men are likely to have more competition for single women in their 20s from the Ukraine than young single mothers in their early to mid 30s. Young Ukrainian women are often preferred by Ukrainian men, so western men will compete with local men for their affections. This higher competition makes it challenging to start dating.

On the other hand, men who are willing to meet and date a single mother in her 30s are likely to find that the woman is still available and is more willing to consider dating someone from another country. These women are unlikely to marry in their hometown and are more likely to look abroad for companionship.

Taking a chance on dating a Ukrainian single mother can result in a long-lasting relationship. These women are often available and more willing to consider dating western men than younger women who have never married and do not have children.

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2 Responses

  1. hilton says:


    I have a quick question for you based on this article. Have you known or heard of any Ukranian female scammers who were also a mother of a young child?

    I ask because it would seem to me, and I could be wrong in my thinking, that if a young Ukrainian woman, in here late 20’s and/or early 30’s, has a child she is more unlikely to be a scammer due to needing a higher amount of maturity that comes with taking care of a child.

    I could be wrong in my thinking and this is the reason why I’m asking you this question.

    Thanks & Mahalo from Hawaii 🙂


    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hi Hilton,

      I guess many Western men have a wrong opinion of Ukrainian dating scammers.

      In your opinion, scammers are beautiful younger girls who have fake profiles on dating sites and try to trick men.
      In reality, Ukrainian dating scam is much more complicated. There are even scam companies which consist of several people. We do not know who works behind the fake profiles: a man, a young mother and maybe two young students who earn money in this way.

      However, I have the same opinion, namely: young Ukrainian women with a child seem to have serious intentions and want really to find a man for life. As you know, money is not the most important thing in life. This is of course always good if you have money 🙂 But money alone doesn’t make you happy.

      Especially young mothers who have a lot of stress in life crave for love and security. Craving for a strong, loving partner… Unfortunately, the Ukrainian men cannot (or do not want) give their women this feeling. There are too many beautiful young women without children. Kids mean problems, stress, money, and time for Ukrainian men. A man from abroad is like the last hope for Ukrainian women with a child to find a partner for life. I have two examples. Two female friends of my mother have found their partners in the United States. The both women had children and, therefore, difficulties to find a man in Ukraine. They are married now and happy.

      The man must decide whether he wants a wife with children or without them. But I would like to say one thing: Children are flowers of our life.
      They are sometimes difficult, but they make us happy, too. 🙂


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