Dating Survey: why are Western men looking for a Russian/Ukrainian lady?

Dear Friends,

the moderators of, one of the most famous Russian and Ukrainian dating forums, made a survey among their users. They wanted to know why Western men are looking for a Russian/Ukrainian lady for marriage. There are several important reasons why women from Russia and Ukraine are so popular on the “mail order bride” market. 173 Western men participated in the survey.

Here are the results of the dating survey:

Dating Survey

As you see, the “complete package” of beauty and traditional family values plays the most important role for 115 Western men (66.47% of the survey respondents). 65 men (37,57%) believe that Russian and Ukrainian women will be a good and loving wife.

Another common reason why Western men are looking for a Russian & Ukrainian lady is that women from Russia and Ukraine are more family-oriented  and less emancipated than Western women. 36,99% of the respondents think so.

62 Western men (35,84%) are looking for these women because they believe that Ukrainian and Russian ladies are loyal and will not leave the marriage after the first misunderstanding or family dispute. Western men have a big fear of being left or abandoned.

65 men believe that Russian and Ukrainian women have a strong ability to love. The most men like the sexuality and physical beauty of women from Russia and Ukraine.

In conclusion I would like to mention that the most meaningful reason why Western men are looking for a Ukrainian woman through different dating sites is loneliness. Many Western men are very lonely and dream of a happy family. The sad part is that they cannot  find their happiness in their own country. Therefore, they want to find the woman abroad – Ukraine, Russia, Thailand …. They hope these women can give them love, respect, warmth, and loyalty.

I wish you will find your happiness in Ukraine soon! 🙂

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  1. hilton says:


    This is an interesting article. Because I just read another article in which 49 year old Actor, Jim Carrey, is presently dating a Russian woman. I wish I would have bookmarked the webpage that the article was on. I’m sure you can google it and find the russian woman that Jim Carrey is presently dating…

    Mahalo from Hawaii,


  2. Eric says:

    ‘Complete package’ says it all. I am dating a woman from Ukraine and she is everything and more, I would have chosen that option had I taken the survey.

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