Interview with James: his experience with Ukrainian dating

Dear friends,

There are two types of Western men in the Ukrainian dating world, namely:

1)        The newbie: This type of men only begin their adventure hoping to find the right woman from Ukraine. These men have a lot of questions, little or no experience, and many doubts.

2)        The lucky beggar: those men have found their match through a dating site and looking forward to leading a happy life together with their Ukrainian woman.

James, my reader, friend and just a lucky man who has found the most wonderful woman from Ukraine, is telling you, dear readers, about his experience with the Ukrainian online dating and women.

Here is our interview about Ukrainian dating and love:

krystynaKrystyna: Hello James! First, I want to thank you for this interview. This is really fantastic – you are a living example for that it is really possible to find a match through a Ukrainian (rather International) dating service.

Here is my first question to you. Why did you want to find a woman from Ukraine, not America? I’m sure there are enough women in the U.S. who can make men happy.

James: Hello Krystyna… (Здравствуйте, Кристина… (in Russian))

I choose Eastern Women because in America women compete with men. And Eastern European women are fascinating to me.

I am Italian, French and Polish… I find that I am only 2 generation in America and I am drawn to Eastern European Women. It is the culture and customs that I find attraction as well.

Krystyna: As we know, there are tons of different dating sites and matchmaking services out there. Often, you lose the overview, and it is difficult to find the perfect online dating agency. James, how did you choose the right dating service for you?

James: Elena’s Models seems to be the best in my opinion… I look at other too….. (learn more about Elena’s Models here: Elena’s Models Review by Krystyna)

Krystyna: Cross-cultural differences are still the biggest barrier in a Ukrainian-Western relationship. The Western men give their best to learn more about Ukrainian women, their culture and mentality. Unfortunately, many of them do not always succeed as it turns out to be quite a challenge for them.

James, you have gained lots of experience in dealing with intercultural differences in a relationship with a Ukrainian woman. How exactly did you learn to deal with intercultural differences while communicating with Ukrainian women?

James: I am very close to this as I am on 2nd generation in America as I said. I understand we live with our customs and our families. This must be taken into consideration at all times… to understand the women…

Be considerate of her customs, namely: learn them how to greet, how to be respectful, what is your role in the date, etc. Parents, sisters, all play an important role in her demeanor. She is shaped by her culture and her family values.

Ukrainian dating interviewImage Source: © Grace Winter  /

Krystyna: Very often, Western men, who look very actively for single Ukrainian women for marriage, meet dozens and sometimes hundreds of ladies through different dating sites. I do not think it is easy to find the perfect lady with whom you can start a happy family. Dear James, how did you find out that Valentina is the perfect match for you?

James: Valentina and I are very special people, Krystyna. This is very hard to answer. This question of how do I know… I knew the first time I talked to her on Skype. We SMS for 4 hours the first time. We did not see each other. We only talked…

You read my story dear. It was magic. Not all people will have this. But, the biggest thing is courage and do not give up. Keep looking – she is out there. I feel this very strongly. When I knew is when she spoke to me with her heart…not her mind….

Krystyna: Thank you a lot for your great answers, James. 🙂

Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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9 Responses

  1. hilton says:

    Krystyna & James,

    Well, I hope you had a great vacation Krystyna and it’s always a welcome to come back to your site to see more updated articles. I read the new ones, including this one and what James says is correct. It’s that connection you feel from the heart that will determine the greatest impression on whether the two people will stay with each other.

    He’s also correct about the fact that American women not only compete against american men, whom they have to compete against at there daily jobs, but then they bring that competitiveness home and no man wants a woman to bring home a to-do list after he gets off from his job where he’s competing against other women.

    For the most part, american women are becoming men and alot of men are becoming women. Here in hawaii we call men, who want to be women and dress like women, Mahu’s(pronounced Ma-hoos).

    Alot of american men are not wanting to get involved with NO american woman simply because american women are the fabric of american culture and the american culture has turned upside down from what it should be.

    That’s the very reason why I, at the age of 40, have never been engaged, never been married, never fathered any kids, and have had no girlfriend in the past 7 years. I realized, after my 22nd girlfriend that women, in America, are no longer women. Even the so called ‘good ones’ have gone, or are going, bad simply because they are surrounded by those who have already gone bad. Divorces in america is easier to obtain than it is for you and I to drink an 8 oz glass of milk. And, that’s no exageration! 🙁

    For these reasons alone, I want to do my best to find a Ukrainian woman who will not mind wanting to move to Hawaii to be with a man whom she can trust and love…

    Thanks for the article …

    Mahalo from Hawaii,


  2. James says:

    Hello Hilton,

    Do not give up my friend. Ukraine women are incredible and I am living proof that this process can work if you have the will and the patience to find her.

    In the last year, Valentina and I have seen each other 3 times….I went to the Ukraine twice and she came to Jamaica for a vacation with me. (Valentina and I will be together in Michigan soon…next month we believe she will be here).

    As far as getting to know them….learn about their culture, learn about the role of the two people in the relationship. Valentina has many friends who would love to meet a good man. However, it all starts with courage. Ukraine woman are tremendous and very loyal when they decide you are the one.

    If you wish to know more, Krystyna is a very good source for etiquette and manners as she is a Urkaine Lady with much insight. You can ask her anything Hilton……she is kind and generous.

    All the best my friend, do not give up….


    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Dear James,

      thank you so much for your sweet words! I love them! 🙂

      I’ll do my best to help my readers to learn more about Ukrainian women. It is not easy sometimes but I learn with you together and I am happy to share my thoughts and know-how with you, dear readers! 🙂



  3. hilton says:


    Believe me when I say that I have given american women a chance, as well as I have been given a chance to see what I do NOT want in a woman. I’ll never give up looking for the one that is right for me. But, I realize that she won’t be an american woman. That’s for sure!

    Right now, I’m studying russian because even if the woman can speak fluent english it will not mean that her parents can speak english and it doesn’t mean that the vast majority of her friends will speak english. I plan on joining Mordinson’s Marriage Agency in Kharkov, Ukraine. I spoke to the owner and he’s a good guy and seems to be royally honest about what to expect in this whole process. I’ve been reading Krystyna’s articles and have downloaded her free ebook and read that 8 times now 🙂

    Mahalo from hawaii,


    • James says:

      Hello Hilton,

      There are many ways to translate Russian to English. I use clownfish on skype….It is a program that allows you to type in English, and the works go to her in English with Russian as well at the same time.

      Very admirable of you to learn the language. I give you 5 stars for this act of consideration. If you need more information, I can help you.

      bjd477 @

      I have much experience in this and can help you to navigate the waters.

      All the best,

  4. James says:

    Hello Krystyna,

    I believe anything is possible. I hope that I can be of service to your readers….I am a very fortunate man to have found Valentina.

    She is complex, but honest…this is a good trait to me. Thank you for taking the time to interview me. It is my pleasure to know you my dear.

    All the best,

  5. hilton says:


    I’m about to email James real quick and get a conversation going with him about his experiences with his Russian lady.

    Keep the articles coming Krystyna…



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