Make your wishes for “Ukrainian Dating Blog” in 2012

Dear friends,

what do you wish for “Ukrainian Dating Blog” in 2012?

Of course, I’ve already thought about the future of my Ukrainian dating blog and defined my own plans and goals the upcoming year of of 2012 (I have a nice vision about this :)). However, I would like to know what my readers (in other words, you) wish for my blog. The most important thing to me is that you enjoy my blog, and my dating advice and tips really help you to start a successful Ukrainian-Western relationship and deal with cross-cultural differences.

Therefore, I need your help, dear Gentlemen. First, it is obviously important to know the needs, desires and concerns of Western men looking for a woman from Ukraine or Russia. I hope that I will offer you the best Ukrainian dating advice next year and you will learn much more about Ukrainian women and their mentality. On the other hand, I take the negative feedback and criticism of my readers very seriously.

Ukrainian Dating Blog

So please help me to improve my blog and make it more useful and informative for you: write your ideas, questions and suggestions for Ukrainian Dating blog. Simply comment on the post or write via mail (s. here: Contact).

I would be very grateful. 🙂


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2 Responses

  1. hilton says:


    As it is, you’ve given me more than what I could ask for on your blog. Because of you, and Michael Mordinson, my faith in finding that special Ukrainian woman is stronger than ever. I’ve already told Michael that in 2012 I want to find and meet that special Ukrainian woman and that I will be living in Ukraine for two months. The months that I will be in Ukraine will be July & August of 2012 because it’s still warm in Ukraine at that time 🙂

    My wish for 2012 and your blog is for you to do more in depth interviews with both western men and Ukrainian/Russian women who have gotten married. More importantly, I would like to see more individual Ukrainian being interviews about there dreams, wishes and reasons for wanting to find a Western man for marriage and family. The interview you gave with the two Ukrainian/Russian women, in your recent blog, was mind blowing to me. I would love to see much more of those kinds of interviews 🙂

    What they wrote, in there opinions, simply boosted my faith in me finding a beautiful Ukrainian women…

    Thanks and as always I’ll be keeping both eyes on this blog 🙂

    Mahalo from Hawaii,


  2. lee says:

    I would be interested to know how Ukraine men treat their women. maybe flesh out where these women are coming from.

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