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As you know, the Ukrainian dating blog provides detailed information on Ukrainian women and dating. But all the tips come from me. That means that I share with you, dear reader, my personal experiences and my thoughts. In my opinion, that is not enough to get the complete overview of Ukrainian and Russian culture as well as how to start and have a happy Ukrainian-Western relationship (although I make best effort to give you the best Ukrainian dating tipps and advice :)).

Therefore, I have decided to review different dating guides written by Russian  and Ukrainian women.  All these women have gained a lot of experience in dating with Western men; therefore, you can learn really a lot about Russian/Ukrainian dating from “mail order brides” point of view. Ready? Let’s go! 🙂

Here is the review of “Sex and Love With Russian Women” by Marina Smiley

Sex and Love With Russian Women

Who is Marina?

Marina Smiley is a medical doctor that emigrated from Russia to America. She is happily married to an American man. However, she noticed that many men seemed to struggle to woo over Russian and Ukrainian women for marriage that they had met online. They often seemed to “click” in person but struggled once they got together

These men didn’t seem to understand how to approach them, especially when it came to love and sex. Her male patients often asked her about the proper way to seduce or woo a Russian and Ukrainian woman. In spite of having no professional writing experience, she wrote an ebook called “Sex and Love with Russian Women.”

“Sex and Love With Russian Women” – What useful information does this ebook offer?

Before I tell you about this dating ebook, I would like to clarify one important thing about “Russian” brides. Marina Smiley uses the term “Russian women” in her guide but I must mention that this term is widely accepted to include ladies from all countries of the former USSR, and not only the Russian Federation. Thus, “Sex and Love with Russian Women” helps in the search for a Ukrainian, Belarussian, and Moldavian wife.

To the contents of the ebook:

“Sex and Love with Russian Women” is not designed to be a book about sex. Instead, it is designed to teach men about the proper ways to win over a Russian woman. It is written in a casual, informal manner. It is easy to read. Smiley has a natural way with words that betrays her inexperience with writing.

Russian dating guide by marina smiley

Her natural method of writing helps make the book inviting and enjoyable. She keeps the book short by avoiding going into excruciating detail about her methods. However, she goes into enough detail to help make her points. She uses many “anecdotes” to help illustrate her methods in the real world. This helps expand the reader’s understanding of her points in a natural and easy to manage way.

Smiley breaks down the problem by explaining the cultural differences between Russian/Ukrainian and American women. She discusses the Russian phrase “Sex doesn’t exist in the USSR” and why this phrase is still relevant. Smiley also discusses the very different expectations Russian women have about touching or making love. Many men don’t understand these cultural differences, which is the major reason their relationships with Russian and Ukrainian women fail.

Other important cultural topics include words and subjects that are considered taboo or dirty in the Russian culture. Many of these words or subjects will baffle the reader. Smiley takes the time to explain why these phrases are “no-nos” in conversation.

Another important section of the book discusses how to have a romantic “Russian Style” dinner with Russian and Ukrainian women for marriage. Their expectations for the date must be met to be successful. She also explains whether it is okay to have sex when you first come to Russian and how Russia’s “Only Child Syndrome” may affect your love life.

Marina Smiley

Marina’s book has been acclaimed by many of its readers. Dave from Illinois stated that he bought and read both of her books in a single night. He states that the book should be “MANDATORY” reading for a “western male looking to court a eastern female” and claims that his current relationship with a Russian woman was made possible only by the book.

Billy B praised her book as being “clear and concise and packed with must read information.” He states that he just started looking for a Russian woman and that her books “spared (me) many mistakes.”

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