Do’s and Dont’s while dating in Ukraine (from a Westerner’s point of view)

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Today, I would like to present you Ukrainian dating tips from a Dutsch man who has gained a lot of experience with Ukrainian women for marriage. The good man is covering a great number of good common sense points in his advice. But I am sure that you can learn a lot from his tips. And you have much more chances to attract a woman in Ukraine if you follow e.g. only 50% of his Ukrainian dating tips and advice.

Enjoy! 🙂

TheoNL gives a few Ukrainian dating tips:

After being in Ukraine for 3 months in the last 4 months I have seen numerous western men meet Ukranian women. As people didn’t know I was a foreigner as well they didn’t change the way they behaved. Observing these men was fun at most times and shameful at other times. My ex-girlfriend would tell me what the girl was saying if the western man used a translation service and this could be funny as well.

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So here are some general do’s and dont’s when your dating in Ukraine:

– get a haircut;

– take a shower;

– brush your teeth;

– shave your self (doesn’t apply to men with beards);

– use deodorant and aftershave;

– use a handkerchief or wet tissue when your sweating;

– wear something nice;

– polish your shoes;

– remember if you feel good, you will look good;

– bring a flower (not an even number, those are for the dead);

– don’t keep sitting if you were there first, instead help her sit down (be a gentleman);

– don’t drink too much (your trying to show your different then Ukrain men);

– don’t kiss your date on the lips;

– don’t trust the translator if you didn’t hire him/her yourself;

– understand that jokes are sometimes hard to translate;

– if you want to touch your date then start with her finger/hand or under arm and look how she responds;

– make subtile compliments;

– don’t look at other women;

– don’t speak loud (otherwise I or someone else might hear you);

– try to sit straight (it’s a chair, not a bed);

– listen to what she says even if you don’t understand a thing;

– do the same when your translator translates for you (some Ukraine women speak better english then you think, they are just scared to use it);

– try to read her body language;

– if she looks bored then change the subject;

– remember some dates are being paid to date western man (applies to dating through agencies);

– open doors for her (again be a gentleman);

– not all Ukraine women can walk fast on high heels, so adjust your pace;

– speak positive about Ukraine (forget the bad things you have seen);

– don’t show off;

– if you have questions then ask them politely (remember it’s not an interrogation).

Ukrainian online dating
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Most do’s and dont’s also applies to the days before dating Ukranian women especially when your travelling with a group of men (your date might already be in town).

This is just a short list from observing western men in Kiev, Lviv, Odessa and Nikolaev and the comments/translations that I received from my ex-girlfriend.

The do’s and dont’s in this post are just the opinions of my Ukranian ex-girlfriend and myself.

Oh, people in Nikolaev speak bad about Odessa and vice versa. Most people who speak Russian (Kiev, Nikolaev, Odessa) don’t like the people who speak Ukranian (Lviv) and vice versa.

Additonal tips are allways welcome.


Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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