Four Types of Ukrainian & Russian Dating Scammers

Dear Friends,

There are many Ukrainian and Russian women who are truly looking for love. But there are also many on dating sites who seek targets for scams, which makes it hard for us women who are honest in our pursuit of love. I know of women who do anything to attract men only to let them down. The scams are often a waste of money or time and can easily be avoided by keeping your eyes open.

Four Types of Ukrainian & Russian Dating Scammers:

Type 1: “I am just after your money”

The most popular scam is where the girl hooks you in with her looks or charm and is very easy to get along with. During this short period there is much to enjoy. While you think you are getting closer, she’s maneuvering closer to your wallet. All of a sudden, things take a dramatic turn and she needs cash ASAP.

While there are many different reasons these scammers use for needing money, it should stand out to you that someone you are dating or getting to know is asking you for money. Crossing this boundary should be an automatic dismissal from your life. This should be rule number one for guys who are dating. You are not an ATM. She must have that part of her life together when trying to date. If this scam becomes apparent to you, run for the hills.

Type 2: “I want gifts, I do not want a genuine relationship”

Another con is the girl who seems to be eager to be with you but wants to keep her “options open.” She may desire for you to provide her with an all expense paid trip or various gifts and many of these girls are blunt about it. While she’s getting things from you, her other “options” are doing the same.

There are actually women who do this and have no careers and no love in their hearts for the men that they date. Unless you are a billionaire & prepared to pay to play with this kitten, this scam can ruin you financially in a matter of weeks or months.

Russian Dating Scam

Type 3: “I am just a letter writer”

Next in line are the ladies who like the attention that you provide them but they never seem to be able to meet you. If they always have an excuse not to meet, they are just not that into you and likely have someone else they’d prefer to be with.

Some have children out of wedlock while others will use you to make themselves feel better. Others are not attractive inside or out (and know it) and this is another reason they won’t meet you. Take the hint and don’t cater to these types.

Type 4: “I am just curious”

The curious types are also complete wastes of your time. They are scammers too because they join dating sites but never actually date. They are just looking without any intent of going out or looking for love.

Some of these girls will waste hours of their time looking at profiles for entertainment apparently. But if they don’t respect their time, they will not respect yours. You are worth more than this and if she’s not up to it, cut her off and move on.

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2 Responses

  1. hilton says:


    Great article; as usual 🙂

    I have something else to remind you about. In America, alot of american men can be just as scammish as alot of Russian and Ukrainian women. According to this article and according to the actions of this particular politician, including the fact that this american politician divorced his wife a few months after finding out that his wife had multiple sclerosis, is pure evidence that he neither deserves nor should be recognized as Presidential material based on a low extreme moral compass.

    According to his SECOND ex-wife whom this particular politician lived with for 18 years, she is coming forward to tell the world, on Nightline News, that …”his campaign positions on the sanctity of marriage and the importance of family values do not square with what she saw during their 18 years of marriage. ”

    I’ve seen this politician speak and then I have seen his actions on the other hand and believe me when I say that him being the president of the United States won’t even come close. He doesn’t have enough votes from enough “minorities” who are now becoming the majority in America; and of course who have always been the majority in Hawaii and always will be.

    The moral of the story is that this particular politician not only cheated on his two ex-wives but told his second ex-wife that he wanted an “open marriage” which basically means he wanted other women while married to her. She said NO and he said “good bye”….

    Mahalo from hawaii 🙂


  2. hilton says:


    Something else I forgot to say that if this particular politician cheated on his first wife and divorced her, because she got cancer; and if he cheated on his second wife and divorced her a few months after finding out that she had multiple sclerosis and then married his congressional aide…”because she could help him become president of the United States”, then what would make anyone, with common sense and rational, believe that he won’t cheat on America in some major fashion?

    end of discussion…


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