A guest post by Michael Mordinson: Good manners in Ukraine

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Today I have a free day ūüôā namely: I write nothing! However, my Ukrainian Dating Blog gets a new (hopefully useful for you) content about good manners in Ukraine. Michael Mordinson, one of the founders of Mordinson Matchmaking Agency in Kharkov, wrote this article specially for the readers of my blog.

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There are several simple things which Ukrainian ladies expect men to do, and you should be aware of them.

  • Preparing to the meeting – make sure that you¬†dress your best

People who come to Ukraine for the first time notice that people (especially women) pay great attention to the way they look. Normally your date would spend at least couple of hours getting prepared to your meeting, so make sure you are wearing clean and well ironed clothes.

There is a¬†Russian saying: “We greet people by the way they look and bid farewell by¬†the way they think”, it means that the first impression is always based on¬†your looks and so when going on a date it’s better to dress up a little rather¬†than dress down and make a bad impression.

  • If you are bringing flowers to the meeting

Make sure that you have an odd number, it has to be¬†1,3,5,7,9,11 etc. The even numbers of flowers are traditionally brought to the¬†funerals and it’s a very bad idea to give somebody a dozen of roses! There is a¬†common belief that yellow stand for separation, therefore stick with all the¬†other colors except for the yellow!

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  • When you greet a lady

It’s nice to establish some sort of a physical contact from¬†the very first moment of your meeting and therefore you can give a lady a light¬†kiss on her cheek, but this is of course totally up to you! If she is offering¬†you a hand you should take it a give the most gentle squeeze, a lady doesn’t¬†expect a strong hand shake!

  • Opening the door in front of the lady

When you are approaching a building together, you are¬†expected to open the door for the lady, it’s also true if you are leaving a¬†building. You will see that in Ukraine many of the doors are indeed heavy and¬†sometimes it can be physically hard for a lady to pull the door, however¬†opening the it is mainly about care that you show to the lady. You are also expected to open the door of the car for a lady when you are approaching the¬†car. Give a hand to a lady when she is leaving the car- when getting out of the¬†car don’t forget to offer your lady a hand to help her get out of the car.

  • Help the lady to take off her coat or jacket

If you are going to a place where you are expected to take off the jackets, make sure that you help your lady to take off hers.

  • When you are in a restaurant or caf√©

If you have drinks on the table- you are expected to pour them into her glass or a cup.

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  • If you are invited to somebody’s home

Do not forget to take off your shoes. It’s needless to say¬†that you must have matching socks without holes. Also make sure you bring a¬†cake or a bottle of wine, coming over to someone’s home empty handed may not be¬†accepted well.

  • Always take off your gloves when shaking hands

Men in Ukraine always take off their gloves for a hand shake. You can learn a little more about rules and traditions of hand shaking here: http://ukrainian-single-women.blogspot.com/2010/10/tradition-of-shaking-hands-in-ukraine.html

MordinsonAbout the author: Michael Mordinson is one of the managers of the Mordinson marriage agency from Kharkov, Ukraine http://www.mordinson.com.

It is a small family owned and run agency with a little over 200 single female clients who reside in Kharkov Рsecond largest city of Ukraine.

Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert ūüôā (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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3 Responses

  1. Joe Roman says:

    This was great information but my question is about the dressing to impress part on what should a guy dress for the first date? Should a guy wear a suit with a tie or is the guy allowed to be more casual?

    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hi Joe,

      in my opinion, a guy does not need to dress expensive designer clothes for the first date with a Ukrainian lady. I would recommend dressing stylisch casual clothes like jeans and a shirt. No woman in Ukraine expects from you dressing a smoking for the first date. Of course, a flabby look is a no-go for the first meeting in person; therefore, your casual clothes should be elegant and stylish.

      For example, I guess that this look is trendy and elegant:

      or that one:

      That is a NO-GO for the first date with a Ukrainian woman:

      1) flip-flops

      2) shorts

      3) dirty clothes

      4) not ironed clothes

      5) too broad or too narrow clothes

      I hope my replay helped you!


  2. hilton says:

    Hey Michael…

    Nice to have you back on Krystyna’s blog…



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