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most of the Western men say that Ukrainian and Russian ladies are the most tender, loving, honest, hardworking, and caring women they have ever met. In their opinion, Ukrainian women are the perfect wives and mothers. We all know this.

Furthermore, we know what Ukrainian and Russian women think about Ukrainian and Russian men and why they want to find a partner abroad (s. here: The difference between Ukrainian men and Western men: from Ukraine women’s view).

But what do we know about what Russian and Ukrainian men think about their women? Do they have the same opinion as the Western men? Are Russian and Ukrainian women the most beautiful and loving for them?

From my personal experience, I can say you, dear Gentlemen, that most of the Russian and Ukrainian men have a rather positive opinion about their women. They are very proud that Russian and Ukrainian women are the nicest and kindest women in this world. The only problem is that the men from Ukraine and Russia do not appreciate what they have and do not provide enough good for their women. But we already know about these things and I do not want to talk about this in the today’s post.

Today, I would like to present you two interesting opinions of a Ukrainian man and a Russian man. The Ukrainian man (his nickname on the forum is feosky) has worked in a Ukrainian marriage agency and knows almost “everything” about Russian and Ukrainian women who want to find a man abroad.

Here is the opinion of feosky:

Long time ago I worked in a local marriage and dating agency in the Crimea, Ukraine. I will tell you what you need to know in order to understand Ukrainian and Russian woman for marriage . They are not like American woman. They are always waiting something from the man. Until they get married, they wish to have a surprise or gift every day. When a Ukrainian or Russian woman finds somebody, she wants to have all the money he has.

I know it is difficult to understand but maybe it is because of a not very good economical situation in Ukraine and Russia. Anyway, if a Ukrainian lady for marriage (for example) finds a man from a Western country, she will have excessive demands for him. The fact is that if she decides (or better to say she has a chance) to get married him, she must leave her country, learn a new language, and many other things which she need to do. So the woman looks for a man who really can give her much more then a man from Ukraine (especially financial support).

I have to tell you that I spend $200-300 for beautiful women in Ukraine. You can spend this money in one night, but you will not get sex from the woman. This money is not enough to get the woman.

If you buy her jewerly, the next step is that you need to buy flowers every 2-3 days. You then need to buy clothes for her that she wants to have. Western men looking for a woman from Ukraine come to this country and make all these things because they are happy to spend their time and money for beautiful Ukrainian girls (it is like a sex tour). I know this because I have seen this many times. The woman wishes to have more and more; and the man is ready to pay all her wishes (he gets sex as a service in return).

Russian and Ukrainian women

So if you would like to find a woman who is tender, honest and responsible and wants to be only with you, you have to look for her in the U.S.A. because here you just spend your time and your nerve. If you want to have a young and beautiful woman from Ukraine who will be ready to go with you to the U.S.A., you have to show her how you take care of her. So you must do all the things she wants. And you must take care of her and be always near her. If you are ready for this, you must try Ukrainian & Russian dating and you will see that it is works.

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I found this report on http://ruadventures.com/forum/. It attracted my attention immediately due to its overdone generalization of Russian and Ukrainian girls, namely: I do not like if some people are very quick to tar everyone with the same brush.

He claims that he lives in Ukraine and has gained a lot of experience with Ukrainian dating, therefore he knows many women from Ukraine who are really looking for a Western man for life. On the other hand, he knows many women who try just scamming the men. The fact is that, in his opinion, Ukrainian and Russian women want only to use (not only Western, but also Russian and Ukrainian) men. 

Here is the opinion about Russian women from a Russian man’s point of view:

Krassavchick says:

*********************************************************************************************************I am sure that most of the Western men DO have enough information about Ukrainian dating and have gained a lot of experience with women from Ukraine and Russia. For that, I just hope that the majority of the Westerners hoping to find a wife in Ukraine do not think like these FSU men and can judge for themselves without any generalized agenda.

I have found a few interesting opinions about women from Ukraine and Russia on the Internet (from the Western men’s point of view):

And what do you think about Ukrainian and Russian women, dear readers?

Your opinion could be very interesting for Ukrainian Dating Blog. 🙂

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  1. hilton says:


    Very interesting article. It serves what my intuition has been warning me all along (for the last 10 years at least); that women are women anywhere and everywhere in this world. The nature of women are the same everywhere. I got a pure glimpse of this, especially living here in hawaii, when I saw Japanese women smoking….

    I thought to myself, “hold up, I thought japanese women don’t smoke and that they care about there bodies”. Then, I saw fat and overweight Chinese people and then I realized that alot of American women are just as fat and alot of Japanese women are just as fat and I’ve seen quite a few Ukrainian as well as Russian women, right here in hawaii, that are also overweight and fat. I’ve seen the scammers in action of all races and credes. It’s easy to put life of ALL women in perspective here in hawaii because this is a place of International flavor. It’s not racially lopsided like Kansas, Missouri or Nebraska where everything in site seems to be white and bright.

    I’ve seen it all and have heard it all and my conclusion is that women in Russia and Ukraine, according to the nature of women, are no better than American women. Sure there are some attributes that stand out better with Ukrainian women than with american women, but the nature of women are all the same when the water boils down to the bottom of the pot. It’s easy to see this conclusion here in hawaii. It would be harder to see it in places like Kansas, Missouri, or Nebraska simply because the racial diversity isn’t that strong in those places. But, if your in hawaii and see every single race on earth everyday all day, then the truth comes to light and hits home like a baseball player hitting a ball out of the baseball park.

    Mahalo from Hawaii,


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