10 myths about Ukrainian & Russian women for marriage

Dear friends,

There are many myths that need to be dispelled in your mind if you are seriously thinking about a Russian or Ukrainian women for marriage. I’ve collected ten most widely-spread myths and stereotypes about Russian and Ukrainian ladies:

Myth # 1. First of all, the concept of foreign brides is anything but a new phenomenon. The idea of foreign brides was first introduced during the mid 1800s along the American frontier as men were immigrating to the Eastern shore, then moving West across the wild terrain in order to claim a piece of it for themselves.

Many of those men found wealth and power as they claimed land, found gold, or established businesses, but with the scarcity of women who chose to go that route many were lacking the company of a wife. The desire to settle down and start a family created the need that mail order bride services filled.

Myth # 2. Another myth that is commonly heard by those that work in the Russian and Ukrainian dating industry is that these women are desperate to get out of the land of their birth and marry a wealthy foreigner.

The fact is that Russia and the Ukraine have a shortage of men. There are about 8 men for every 10 women in those countries, and their culture is very marriage-oriented. And since there just aren’t enough men to marry, many Russian and Ukrainian women seek marriage to foreigners.

Ukrainian bride
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Myth # 3. Some will say that being a foreign bride can be a dangerous proposition. There are a handful of recent cases of American men murdering their foreign bride…some of which were done quite brutally.

But the opposite is also true. There is also a recent case of a foreign bride murdering her husband once she arrived in America. Despite attempts to get psychological information from both the would-be brides and the interested potential husbands, you should always consider what reasons your future partner has for choosing this method of seeking companionship.

Myth # 4. Another myth says that you have to be extraordinarily wealthy in order to qualify for a Ukrainian bride.

The facts are these: to marry a Ukrainian woman you must have a budget of between 7 to 10-thousand dollars and the ability to travel to Ukraine. If you don’t have that money to spend on this process it will be difficult or impossible for you to find a Ukrainian wife.

Myth # 5. Another myth suggests that there is a higher divorce rate among those who enter into dating services to find their bride, but in fact the opposite is true.

The USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) performed a study that showed a full 80 percent of marriages arranged through International dating services have lasted throughout the years that have been subject to report, where the average for most marriages hovers around 50 percent.

Ukrainian marriage
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Myth # 6. Despite the wild claims to the contrary, there are only really two types of international marriage agencies.

The first sells the contact information of their female clients and encourages those men and women to contact each other before moving forward, while the second arranges group tours for men who want to travel around a foreign country and meet as many as several hundred women at social events arranged by the company.

Myth # 7. Another misconception is that Russian and Ukrainian women are employed just to chat with men online. Some woman appear to be online at all times, or during certain times of the day as if they were punching a clock, but that is a false assumption. All women who sign up for these agencies affirm that they do not receive any compensation for participating on the site, and are free to leave at any time.

Myth # 8. There are many cultural differences between Americans and the Russian and Ukrainian women that typically engage in the International dating programs, and one major one is the age at which one settles down. Many Americans cannot understand how an 18 year old Russian girl can be serious about marriage, but getting married is a major priority in Russia so women are encouraged to wed at a young age.

Myth # 9. Some claim that these women have nothing to lose, and everything to gain from becoming a foreign bride, but think of it from the perspective of a Ukrainian woman. You have a life, friends, family, a career, and a full life…and yet you are willing to give that all up because marriage is such an important milestone for your life. These women give up a lot in order to be a wife of a Western man.

Myth # 10. The final stereotype I hope to dispel is that these women are vapid, uneducated shirks. Take the time to get to know any of the many Russian and Ukrainian women who are looking for their soulmate, and you’ll soon discover for yourself the truth.

Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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6 Responses

  1. Hilton says:


    Thanks for the article as usual 🙂

    I was intrigued by Myth #8 when you wrote “Many Americans cannot understand how an 18 year old Russian girl can be serious about marriage”.

    This is true because even though I’m native hawaiian and I see every race that the world has to offer on a weekly basis I still have a hard time visualizing why an 18 year old or a 20 year old young Ukrainian women wants to get married. My first logic and rational is that “these young women haven’t lived long enough to experience that much of life, how can they possibly know what marriage is really all about”. This is my first logical and rational explanation to myself when I see these young ladies wanting to get married.

    As you know Krystyna, I met two Ukrainian young ladies who were 19 and 20. The 19 year old whose name is Helen still communicates with me as you well know 🙂

    But..but…but…..she already told me that she WAS NOT interested in marriage and that she wanted to get her University education and a career. Krystyna, just last Friday she left Ukraine to go to China to finish up her University studies and she will be finishing her degree in China. She wants to specialize in Logistics. She also told me that she wants to get her Master’s Degree but she didn’t know where should would study. She will either stay in Ukraine to study or she will go back to China to study. The bottom line is that marriage and family are dead last in her desires at this point in her life. So, very few women between 18 and 21, who are Ukrainian females, want to get married.

    Matter of fact, I emailed Michael Mordinson and asked him about the seriousness and maturity of the women on his site; particularly the 18-22 age group. He told me that this group of women, on his site, is a very small groupl. But, they are highly mature and highly motivated to find a good husband 🙂

    So, although in general I question the validity of why an 18-21 year old Ukrainian lady would want to get married when she hasn’t lived long enough to understand life or marriage, I do understand that there are exceptions to the rule and that the small amount of women, who are in the age group of 18-22 years of age, on Michael Mordinson’s site are probably the exception to the rule…


    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Dear Hilton,

      yes, I wrote that “many Americans cannot understand how an 18 year old Russian and Ukrainian girl can be serious about marriage” speaking from my personal experience. My mother got married at 17. I also have other examples where the Ukrainian women were married when they were 18-20 years old . As I told in my articles, Ukrainian and Russian women are family oriented and that is normal for them to get married if they think that they found their match. I should mention too that the time has changed and that means people in Ukraine become more westernized. More and more women want to study and make a successful career. But not every young woman in Ukraine wants to make a career like your friend Helen.

      I have the impression that Ukrainian girls from the village and small town still think that their role in life and society is being a good wife and mother. And the number of such girls is not small in Ukraine. As you know, Hilton, the Mordinson agency is not gigantic and they have about 150 girls in their database. So, I guess this is not unusual that the girl group of 18-22 years of age is very small on their site. But if you take a look at LoveMe.com, AnastasiaDate or ElenasModels.com, you will see that there are a lot of Ukrainian and Russian girls of 18-22 years looking for a husband abroad. And I want to believe that these girls have serious intentions to start a relationship with a Western man.

      From my experience, I can say that an 18 year old or a 20 year old young Ukrainian woman is more mature in terms of relationship than American girls. For many Ukrainian girls, this is still normal to get married at this young age. However, I would advise against marrying a much younger woman. If you are 40 and older, age difference could be a great problem for you and your
      wife from Ukraine. 25-35 year old Ukrainian women are still beautiful and really mature for starting a happy intercultural relationship and marriage. You know that an 18 year old or a 20 year old young Ukrainian woman has to learn a lot about men, relationship, marriage and patience. Please think a lot before you decide to look for an 18 year old girl from Ukraine.

      Good luck!


  2. franc lima says:


  3. Ron says:

    I am so glad somebody gave a round about budget for even trying to look abroad for a potential mate. I went to Ukraine during a time when not many tourist were there, and it still cost me around $2500 dollars to go, not to forget the letters and chat. When i saw your figures i had to think back and see if i really did spend that much, and u did lol. Even with around that figure it could be difficult still. Her having the time to meet, especially sense me being a foreigner I don’t know my way around. Watch out for the cabs, they will charge you a whole lot if you’re not familiar with the prices there. But I’m sure that doesn’t include going through the immigration process. Which some may find very hard to get through, and may even need a lawyer once they get to that point.

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