The False Expectations of Western Men and Ukrainian Women in Cross-Cultural Relationships

Dear friends,

we all know that Western men and Ukrainian women often make wonderful matches. I have seen many happy and loving couples in fulfilling cross-cultural relationships. In my opinion, these relationships succeed when they are based on a foundation of honesty and realistic expectations.

False expectations can hurt any young relationship’s chances of developing into a long-term partnership. Western men and Ukrainian women who are looking for love will be able to choose their partners wisely if they first learn to recognize their own false expectations.

False expectations plague all relationships, not just cross-cultural ones. Especially when the initial contact between the partners is made over the internet or through phone calls, it is easy for both sides to fill in the blanks of their partner with beautiful fantasies.

They imagine that the other person is a perfect angel who will instantly solve all of their problems. They think that they will experience relationship bliss as soon as they meet the other person. They imagine a relationship that will be free of fights and full of infinite love right from the very beginning.

 Having hopes for a happy future is only natural, but I know from my own experience that putting the other person in a relationship up on a pedestal inevitably leads to disappointment. No one can live up to the fantasy.

Ukrainian-Western relationship
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A Western man tends to fantasize about having the perfect wife. He wants someone who is pretty and loyal. He envisions someone who is smart, sweet, and fluent in English. Often he desires an ideal homemaker who both already understands what it is like to live in the West and who will make his home a heavenly sanctuary. A Western man also tends to falsely expect that his potential partner will trust him completely right away, and share all of her deepest thoughts and emotions with him.

A Ukrainian woman usually fantasizes about having a perfect husband. She wants a handsome, strong provider. She dreams of a manly protector. She believes that her Western life will be a life of luxury, because she thinks all Western men are rich and do not have to worry about money. In my experience, Ukrainian women are often shocked to learn that it can be just as hard for men to make money in the West as it is for men in the Ukraine.

Couples who realize the difference between fantasy and reality have the best chances of success. Everyone has flaws. What is most important is finding a companion with similar life goals, someone who wants the same things from long-term dating as you do. Anyone who is willing to work on a relationship and overcome obstacles is worth his or her weight in gold.

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  1. hilton says:


    This article is true 🙂

    That’s why when I write my bio I will put “I only want a woman who is realistic in her expectations of me” 🙂

    Women are women everywhere around the world. They all want security. But, most also tend to fantasize; and normally these are the younger women who haven’t lived long enough to experience the heartaches of life yet; or the women who haven’t had any kids or real world jobs that takes a great amount of responsibilities.

    Thanks for the article and thanks for emailing me back. I know you get alot of emails and you’re busy 🙂

    Mahalo from Hawaii,


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