Five Simple Tips for Irresistible Male Dating Profiles on Ukrainian Dating Sites

Dear friends,

Any Western man that’s ever tried to have success on the International online dating scene has been asked to make a dating profile at some point. This profile is kind of like your dating resume; you need to have something eye-catching that lets Ukrainian and Russian women for marriage know that you are worth not just a casual perusal but that you should be read and then contacted. Of course it might seem like magic, but as with any other sort of dating you can achieve success if you pay attention to the details.

Tip #1: Magic pictures of yourself
(Do not forget to laugh and wear stylish clothes :))

First, some things you shouldn’t do. Don’t post pictures of yourself with your shirt off and flexing for your cell phone camera. In fact, don’t take pictures with your cell phone at all. Don’t put up pictures of yourself half drunk at your favorite bar or the company Christmas party either.

After all, the first impression you make on your potential wives from Ukraine shouldn’t be that you have no opportunities to take pictures during more normal events, or that the only time you’re not camera shy is when you’re at least 2 sheets into the wind.

Male Dating Profile

Tip #2: Be creative in the description of yourself

Beyond that though don’t use tired, hackneyed phrases like “looking for love,” “living life to the fullest,” or anything else that sounds like a cliché. Avoid using any form of Internet shorthand.

Tip #3: Be sincere and clever

Do fill out your profile in its entirety being honest, well-spoken and intelligent. You don’t need to write the Magna Carta, but use complete sentences and check your grammar. You know that Ukrainian women are not stupid and hate if the man writes with errors in his mother tongue.

Also, if you work as a gas station attendant, don’t tell Ukrainian ladies that you’re a computer programmer. If someone does get interested in you they will find out what you do so save yourself the hassle and present just the facts when facts are asked for.

Tip #4: Write appropriate expectations

While it might not fit with some expectations, Western men looking for a special woman from Ukraine will get more responses to either “dating“, “long term relationships” and “marriage” then they’ll get to “friends” when you say what you’re looking for. These are Ukrainian & Russian dating and matchmaking websites after all, and chances are that the people on them are looking to date at least casually.

Ukrainian woman

Tip #5: Be honest with yourself

Before deciding that your profile is complete, give it another look over. Ask yourself if, from this short description, you sound like the kind of person you’d like to know. Also, ask just how much you fudged certain numbers. If you’re 5’11” and a half inches, sure, you can get away with saying you’re 6″ tall. But if you’re 280 and you list 200 pounds as your weight, someone’s going to notice.

On the same note though, don’t be too honest. After all, saying “I’m just here to find a beautiful Ukrainian housewife for free because my emancipated American wife left me and I’m on the hunt for a rebound,” might be honest, but it’s probably the fastest way to scuttle your own ship. Try and find a way to say things that sounds good, tells the truth, but is less than “brutally honest” if you’re trying to gloss over some of your less forgivable flaws.

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