An Insider’s Look at the Russian Dating Industry from a Russian woman’s view

Hello Krystyna,

I like you comments. Your view is much broader than mind and I always get to learn something new. It really is good to know someone like you! I think you want to read this if you have not already:

Here is the article “An Insider’s Look at the Mail Order Bride Industry” by Dasha Streltsova:

Dear Marcus,

I have read the article. Thank you for the link. Speaking honestly, I have two kinds of feelings about the content.

On the one hand, I can imagine of course that the woman writes the “naked” truth about “mail order brides”, scammers and “black hat” dating. For many people, International online dating is just a great bussiness with tons of money. These businessmen use the loneliness and wish for love of single Western men and Ukrainian women.

On the other hand, the author of the article tries to convince the readers that she translated letters only (and she was not a scammer like other girls); however, she tells that she used “her” various templates for writing (Russian and Ukrainian holidays, traditions, traditional food, etc.) because it was easier and faster to write 10 letters per day to Western men who hope to find a special woman from Russia or Ukraine . Well, she may know everything what happened in this Russian dating agency.

But as for me, she is not better than the other girls like Julia and Olga, and she is an online dating scammer, as well. She worked there, she wrote “false” love messages to the men so that they had to pay more for the services of the dating services. Dasha tells with cynicism how the agency’s team received the money from Western customers: “And then by some miracle boyfriends started to send about 100$ a month for English courses… They sent text messages with Western Union code #. Imagine 10 boyfriends from different parts of the world sending 100$ a month each… That’s a good scholarship :).

Where was her “big” conscience while working there?  Writing “false” letters was just a job for her. Nothing else… Guys, do you believe that Dasha perhaps thought about the feelings of Western men looking for a woman on that online dating site when she sent the “beautiful sunset” letters to them? I don’t think so…

Ukrainian order bride

Speaking about my view of Ukrainian and Russian online dating, I have completely different view of things and opinion. As you see, I almost never use the term “mail order brifes” in my articles on Ukrainian women are “Ukrainian women” for me, Western men are “Western men”. I know why Ukrainian women look for love abroad (because I am from Ukraine); I know why Western men look for Ukrainian women (I live in a Western country). Our common goal is finding a partner for life. So I want to believe that there are still honest dating and matchmaking agencies that really want to help and not only rip off the singles from the Western world.

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2 Responses

  1. Hilton says:


    Now, that was an excellent article based on real world experience of an agency worker 🙂

    That is the very reason why I would never join an online dating site; unless of course it has a real physcial location where I could walk into the office and see real live people interacting with real live Ukrainian women.

    Once again, this is the reason why I will be joining Michael Mordinson of Kharkov 😉

    He’s expensive to most people, but to me it’s well worth the price…

    Mahalo from hawaii,


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