Interview with Tamara, a beautiful Ukrainian woman

Ukrainian Dating Interview

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3 Responses

  1. Hilton says:


    I’m glad your guest, Tamara, seemed to have found what she was looking for and hopefully her feelings will be confirmed by a positive outcome in her relationship with her German boyfriend. She was willing to do the unconventional and as a result got some good success.

    Hopefully, when the time comes for me to go to Ukraine, I will be lucky enough to find what I”m looking for while in Kharkov 🙂

    Mahalo from hawaii,


    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hi Hilton,

      Tamara shows that it is really possible to find a match online. Of course, we can understand why some people have no success and have a lot of distrust.
      But on the other hand, online dating is a great chance not to be alone anymore. If you have a little bit common sense and follow my dating tips (I know – self-marketing :)), you won’t be scammed and will find a woman for life.

      I hope so much that you will find your happiness in Ukraine this year, Hilton.

      Mahalo from Frankfurt.


  2. Hilton says:


    Realistically, I more than likely won’t be in Ukraine until next summer simply because I’m in the process, as you already know, of learning russian and that takes a year to become conversationally fluent. I’m serious about finding a wife and I’ll be more than happy to learn Russian so that I can not only converse with her but with her friends, relatives and parents also 🙂

    Also, she may very well want to speak Russian to her future children so it helps if both parents know the language and there’s no lopsidedness..

    It’s now time for me to think more about my future wife to be than it is about how I can get her to learn english without me every having to have to learn her language as well. It just makes sense to learn to at least be able to understand the language of the women that I will be marrying in the future.

    It’s going to be a long road but I believe it’s a road well paved and worth taking for long term sucess 🙂

    Mahalo from hawaii 🙂


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