Looking for a woman of your dreams in Eastern Europe (the dating show on German TV)

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Today I would like to report on a TV show broadcast in Germany, namely: “Looking for a woman of your dreams in Eastern Europe”. In addition, the goal of my post is to find out why the three German men who are looking for their match in Romania, Ukraine and Russia have no success in their search for a big love. The show has been running for four weeks now, and of course, I watch “Looking for a woman of your dreams in Eastern Europe” with great interest.

To start off, here is the prehistory of the show. The three German men have decided to find the perfect woman for life in Eastern Europe. Their dating adventure begins in Ukraine and Russia because they are sure that the most beautiful women in the world live there. The Germans travel to St. Petersburg and Odessa and meet with many beautiful women  who look for husbands from the Western world.

Many Western men, who have gained experience in dating Ukrainian and Russian dating, know this. This story is not something extraordinary. The only thing is that the men get “dismissed” after each date. No Ukrainian or Russian woman for marriage wants to meet any of the men again after they had first date. “Why?” you want definitely to ask me.

In this article, I want to write about the dating mistakes only of one of the men, namely: Walther. He is the most interesting character in this whole story. The other men have made the same mistakes (but not so many as Walther had made).

Here is my answer to the questions why these German men failed to find a special woman in Eastern Europe and why they did not take advantage of the situation to turn things their way.

About Walther

The most memorable participant of the TV show is Walter. He is 50 years old, lives in Berlin and dreams to meet a beautiful and young woman in Ukraine or Russia. He does not look bad (I have to say: very fit for his age). Perhaps, you can consider his style is a bit old fashioned and conservative. However, Walther seems well-groomed.

looking for a woman from Ukraine

He is very serious about his intentions to find a Russian or Ukrainian woman for marriage. He has been communicating with a few women through a dating site. During his romantic trip to Russia and Ukraine, Walther was attentive toward the ladies, he had interest in, and had bought many gifts for them.

Walther met ​​five nice women in St. Petersburg and Kiev. Unfortunately, he had no success in his search: no woman wanted to see him again after the first date. Of course, the man thinks the women are to blame that he cannot start a relationship with a lady from Russia and Ukraine. Who else?

Here are the mistakes Walther has made during his search for a match in Eastern Europe:

  • Too selfish

Walther spoke only about himself during the dates, namely: about his character, his life in Germany, his job, his bad luck with German women.

  • Lack ofknowledgeabout Ukrainian/Russian women and their culture

Walther thought that women in Russian and Ukraine are just like German women. Wrong! Ukrainian women expect more from men. That means that you as a man should be more attentive during the date and show that you are a gentleman (opening the door for the lady, buying flowers for her, and pouring champagne into her glass when it’s empty  – all of these considered the “must have” manners one should have in Ukraine and Russia).

  • Looking formuch younger Ukrainian and Russian women

I have already said that Walther is 50 years old. He wanted to find a 25-year-old girl from Ukraine and Russia. Of course, a lot of Ukrainian and Russian women at this age wanted no date with him because he was too old.

Ukraine dating

  • A woman’s appearance is the most important thing for his selection

Of course, every man wants to find a beautiful woman. Also Walther has his ideas how his perfect woman should look. In his opinion, the woman may wear only dresses (no jeans). The woman in jeans has no chance to win his heart. I find that ridiculous. As for me, the most important thing is that the woman looks elegant and stylish (it is possible wearing jeans, as well). Walther does not want to accept this and, if the woman wears no dress, he does not want to get to know her better. And that’s very superficial!

  • The behavior

Walther realizes that the women show no interest to develop any communication to him. Therefore, he wants to show his “strong” personality and becomes arrogant, derogatory, and impolite.  Walther shows his all disrespect to the women who do not like him – and because they have no feelings for him.

My advice is to remain polite always! It can happen that you have no feelings for the woman and I am pretty sure that you will be not happy if the woman gets arrogant and offensive just because you do not want to start a relationship with her.

  • Touching is allowed

Ukrainian and Russian women are shy. For most women, it is simply unpleasant when the man tries to kiss and touch the woman after 15 minutes of their date. The woman from Ukraine or Russia needs more time to get to know the Western man better. If the Ukrainian lady is ready to become intimate with you, she will give you a sign.

Russian Dating

Conclusion: Thank God, I know that most men here in Germany and other Western countries are not as Walther. There are German men who respect Ukrainian women and show good manners like true gentlemen.

In my opinion, the reason for unsuccessful search for a match in Ukraine is that Western men have false expectations. They hope to meet the ideal woman there. But the reality is that although Ukrainian and Russian women are pretty, nice and feminine, they are not ideal. They have their strong and weak points as every human being (I know this sounds banal, but still). Many Western men who are looking for a woman from Ukraine or Russia often forget this simple thing.

The last thing I want to tell in the today’s post about is that some Western men still think that Ukrainian and Russian women are cheap products and they are not demading. These men are sure that it is enough just to come to Ukraine – and the woman is yours. Unfortunately for these men, this is not true. You must win the heart of the woman and behave as a gentleman.

I wish you good luck in dating Ukrainian women! 🙂

Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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