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Hello Krystyna! I have been corresponding with a beautiful Ukrainian woman name Tetyana since December 2010. After several months of corresponding through emails, text messages, and yahoo messenger, both Tania and myself have decided it is time to meet in person. Therefore, I will be flying to Ukraine (from Canada) on May 3.

Since this will be our first meeting in person, I would like to buy Tania a bottle of perfume as a gift. Would you be able to give me some suggestions as to what brand of perfume does most Ukrainian women prefer? I should also let you know that Tania is 41 years old, and I will be 42 very soon.

I also have a second question. Although we have been communicating through yahoo messenger with the webcam on every weekend, but my upcoming trip to Ukraine is actually our first meeting in person. Therefore, I am curious to know if it is normal for a Ukrainian woman to reveal her tattoo on her back to a man she has not yet meet in person? The tattoo on her back is actually the word “health” or “healthy” in Chinese, because Tania has a very strong interest in Asian culture, and she knows about the Chinese astrology better than I do. I should let you know that I am of Chinese origin from Hong Kong, but I came to Canada since I was 11 years old, so I am already half westernized.


Meeting a Ukrainian or Russian woman for a first date will require making a first impression. One way for you to do this is by offering some sort of gift. The type of gift you choose will require research to learn about any specific customs when dating a woman that is from Russia or Ukraine.

If you plan to meet a woman in Russia & Ukraine, visitors typically bring a gift to individuals that are visited for a first date. Gifts that you present to Russian/Ukrainian women show that you are attentive, devoted and committed to developing a serious relationship. This provides reassurances that you are sincere in your pursuit.

The type of gift that you offer to a Russian & Ukrainian ladies is a major factor to receiving their attention. You are safe by offering a bouquet of roses on a first date. However, you will benefit by offering chocolates or a small bottle of perfume.

Perfume as a gift is a good idea; however, I am of the opinion that you must be careful with it. Fragrance is always a matter of taste. I would like to ask you if Tania is brunette or blond. I could recommend you then the perfume brand. There are perfumes for women with black hair and women with blond hair. If Tanja is a 40-year-odl woman with a blog hair, I would recommend you to buy a classic perfume, such as Chanel Coco Mademoiselle or Bvlgari Jasmin Noir. These two are very elegant and are designed for modern women. These perfumes are not fruity or intense; therefore, their flavor is easy to emphasize the beauty of a woman with blond hair.

Furthermore, I would also recommend you to buy a piece of jewelry (a necklace or earrings). It mustn’t be expensive (for example silver), but just nice, simple and elegant. We, women, love jewelry!

gift idea for Ukrainian lady
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Gifts that you offer on a first date are seen as enduring to Russian and Ukrainian women for marriage. You can find many gift types if you visit Russia and Ukraine by looking to see what is available in a duty-free shopping area. Candy to use for the gift can be found at a local confectionery shop.

Talking about the tattoo, I would say that if Tanya revealed it before your first meeting, it means for me that she takes you very seriously and wants to meet you properly. I am pretty sure that the woman is very adventurous and will perhaps prove you her serious intentions.

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