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This is no secret that online dating can take an eternity. A man searches for a special Ukrainian mail order bride on a dating site and writes a message to her.

If you are lucky, you get a response from the woman. Then the “communication” phase begins… From my personal experience, I can say you that the online communication takes a few months until you meet in person.

Romance & marriage tours offers a great chance to meet a woman of your dreams more quickly.

What are romance trips?

Romance trips offer the choice way for anyone to meet thousands of beautiful foreign women. The tour companies have been introducing men with exotic ladies for nearly two decades.

Clients are sure to find the wife of their dreams when they rely on the services of romance trip companies. Tours are conducted around the world (Ukraine, Russia, China, Thailand, Latin America). Men can choose any country they want to visit. Ukraine and Russia are some of the most popular destinations.

These countries are known for their blonde beauties that are dying to meet a Western man. South American countries are also included and offer men a chance to spend some time with exotic Latin ladies (Brazilian brides, Mexican brides and Venezuelan mail order brides).

Ukraine mail order brides

Choosing the right service

Choosing the proper way to meet foreign women can minimize problems. With Foreign Affairs, men are sure to meet many women who are eligible.

All the women are carefully screened to ensure compatibility. Men are often concerned about their safety and the possibility of getting schemed by women in foreign countries. There are no needs to worry about this issue with Foreign Affairs.

This company has earned its reputation and has been creating successful matches since 1995 (check our Review). All the women who take part in the tours and dates are fully screened prior to being accepted.

This assures men will find women who are serious about finding a husband. The company also has offices in all the major cities where tours are conducted. Foreign Affairs is tuned in to the local communities and provides a valuable service to the women in host countries as well as to men.

Meeting women during marriage tours

Foreign brides are exotic, and women are dying to meet the Western man of their dreams. Many ladies are from small towns.

Finding an eligible bachelor in these towns is difficult and often impossible. Beautiful women do not have much chance of leaving their homes, and they are often stuck working in jobs that are low paying, even when they have a college degree. Money is tight, and travel is often difficult. For this reason, women are turning to the opportunities that are found with Foreign Affairs.

They can be introduced to eligible bachelors who can offer them much more than they will ever find in their home countries.


Taking advantage of a variety of tours is the best way for men to meet exciting exotic women from around the world. 

Tours are held in Costa Rica, Asia, Peru, Russia and the Ukraine. These countries are known for their beautiful ladies.

Many women speak English fluently and have studied the language during their college careers. Interpreters are also provided during the tour, but they are often unnecessary.

Ukraine girls

Services offered during romance trips

Choosing to take a romance tour offers great chances for men to enjoy and meet beautiful ladies. Foreign Affairs ( offers comprehensive packages that include airfare, lodging and socials.

The socials are one of the best parts of the entire tour. These events feature thousandsd of ladies that have been handpicked by the various clients.

There are many more women than men in attendance, and they are all anxious to meet Western guys. Clients are encouraged to get to know as many women as possible, because there is a good chance that one of these ladies will become a great wife.

The women are pre-screened before attending, and they are chosen by the men who take part in the tour. If there is a lady that seems interesting, you can ask to have her invited to the social.

One on one introductions

Personal one on one introductions are another way that men can meet the lady of their dreams. Enrolling in the service will offer men a chance to browse through thousands of women from around the world.

All these ladies are looking for a foreign husband. As a client of Foreign Affairs, you are offered a chance to get to know these ladies better. Many men begin chatting with women on the Internet and use instant messaging and video calls to get to know women before they travel to a foreign country.

This is just another of the ways that men can meet a host of potential brides from the comforts of their home.

Advice and support

Advice and support are also offered by Foreign Affairs ( This company does more than just help men meet the woman of their dreams. Guidance is offered to help men secure the necessary travel permits to enable their wives to move home with them.

There is a host of red tape that is cut through with ease by the Foreign Affairs staff. Their employees know how to proceed and can help clients follow through with the entire process.

Conclusion: Romance trips offer a real chance to meet a foreign wife

Finding an exotic wife is best done with a comprehensive dating service like Foreign Affairs. This company is the original foreign dating service and offers unrivalled ways for guys to meet the foreign woman of their choice. Tours are held in the greatest countries around the world, and there are thousands of women waiting to meet you.

Ukraine brides

Guys, have you gained experience with romance and marriage trips? Please share your experience below.

Many thanks in advance! Спасибо! Spasibo! Дякую!

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