The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Ukrainian Lady

Dear friends,

The pressure to be more romantic than usual is starting to build. Step up your romance game with a new twist on some golden oldies. Find a romantic gift that is personable and makes a statement about your feelings for your special Ukrainian lady. For beautiful women from Ukraine, romance is the knowledge that her man is thinking about her, and a personalized gift is going to tell her exactly what your feelings are.

Valentine Day Gift Ideas

My suggestions of the most romantic Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your Ukrainian lady:

Personalizing gifts show the one you love you appreciate who your Ukrainian lady is as a person, a lover and a friend.

  • Fashion jewelery

From my personal (Ukrainian woman’s) point of view, I could say that e.g. Chamilia Charms are sure to have your true love know exactly how you feel about her. Her personal style can shine when you choose the charms that express who she is, what she loves and what she means to you. Most Chamilia Charms are made from luxurious materials such as 14k gold, Swarovski crystals and Italian glass.

  • Flowers (the classic :))

Giving flowers to the special woman from Ukraine you love has been a tradition that outlasts any other romantic gesture on the books. What is the secret to the staying power of the gift flowers? Women love their smell, their delicate sensation, and they make us feel feminine. The combinations of flower species and their colors, shapes and smells will fit every personality. Add a new spin to the simple gift by signing her up for a bouquet a month program or finding a unique orchid.

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  • Chocolate

If you are going to give her chocolate, than do it with flair and a touch of finesse. Find something she will not come across while grocery shopping. Dip strawberries in chocolate fondue and have them for desert. Look on the wrappers for words like decadent, gourmet or premium. Chocolate gifts need to taste like heaven in a wrapper, so do not let her down.

Jewelry, flowers and chocolate sound pretty obvious. Step it up with investing time. Take the time to find a gift with a personal touch. Set up a treasure hunt that has a silk and flower petal ending. Find a moment to make reservations, find a love poem and schedule flower delivery.

Take care and choose the fashio jewelry that will certainly mean something to her. I do not know a single woman from Ukraine who would turn down a box of high quality chocolates, but take it a step up and give her your time. Different online dating services like A Foreign Affair offers flower and gift delivery services not only in Russia and Ukraine, but also Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Philippines, and China (more information about the gift delivery service here:

Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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  1. hilton says:


    Is there a good website or source or books that you know of that would give western men, who do no have the gift of humor to humorize there Ukrainian girlfriend?

    I ask because ‘humor’ tends to be a big issue with Ukrainian women and I figure that the more humor a western man has, in any situation he finds himself in, the better he will be perceived by a Ukrainian woman.



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