Three horrible myths about Ukraine

Dear friends,

Being a proud and progressive woman from Ukraine can be a challenge, especially when so many misconceptions about the Ukraine continue to surface and be discussed. In fact, the top three myths about the Ukraine are actually as far from the real truth as possible. Life, and especially as a woman, in the Ukraine seems to be misunderstood and thus women in the Ukraine are not appreciated and neither is the country itself which is actually so much more than many have ever imagined.



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Myth #1: Ukraine is a dirty, cold & unfriendly country

The first myth that needs to be debunked is that the Ukraine is that the country is cold, dark and filled with people who are considered to be unfriendly and hard to approach. That is far from the case. The Ukraine has a beautiful landscape, well paved roads and a look and feel that is pleasing to everyone. The people of the Ukraine are the same, they are happy, friendly, helpful and kind to everyone they meet.

Myth #2: The crime rate in Ukraine is very high

The second myth is that the Ukraine is an unsafe country, and that the crime rate is very high. The truth is crime is found everywhere, and the incidents within the Ukraine are at the same level as countries such as the United States, Germany, Canada and many other Western countries that are considered to be safe places to travel, visit and live.


St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery in Kiev, Ukraine

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Myth #3: all Ukrainian women are a scam and fake

The third myth, which is a very personal one for all Ukrainian women, is that Ukrainian women are notorious for being con artists and scam artists. This is, simply put, just not true. Ukrainian women are passionate, loving, kind, thoughtful and believe in true love. The women of the Ukraine are shy by nature, and thus you need to approach them first, but once you get to know one you will quickly see how thoughtful and caring the women of the Ukraine truly are.

Once you get past the myths and fallacies of the Ukraine, Ukrainian women and life in the Ukraine; you will begin to see how wonderful of a country and culture the area is. The women alone have been criticized, rather unjustly, perhaps due to cultural barriers which have caused confusion regarding their more reserved nature up front.

However, once you truly get to know the Ukraine and the people of the area you will see how Ukrainians are a caring and culturally proud group who are more than happy to show off their warm smiles, sense of humor and compassionate nature provided you take the time to get to know them.

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2 Responses

  1. hilton says:


    What you wrote, about the myths of Ukraine is good. It seems to me that somebody, or a group of people, somewhere, always have to have a reason(logical or illogical) to make myths out of thin air. All countries, all races, all creeds have stereotypes and myths attached to them for one reason or another. If people would simply look at other people as one unit that happen to have distinct flavors, but must be connected to one another to fullfill a flowing cycle of love, then I believe these myths would be put to rest.

    From my real world experience of meeting and speaking to the two Ukrainian young ladies, that I got to know while they were both here in hawaii, I can tell you that they are naturally reserved and naturally shy. But, they were both smart as a whip and very intelligent and were very mature for there 19 and 20 year old age. Matter of fact, 90% of most American women over the age of 35 were not as mature as these two young Ukrainian women. That’s why I don’t even as much as look at American women(even if she is a good american women) anymore. My mind is on Ukrainian women.

    According to the experience of this young african male, that went to Kiev, I would say that he not only had a great time but his real world experience in Kiev taught him that stereotypes are not harmful at all when you dive into the real world that is outside of the myth world…

    Here’s what he wrote:

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    I am black, African American but originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I was in Kiev from May 30th to June 9th of this year and I had a lot of fun. Overall, I would say that the Ukrainian people I encountered were very decent people and there wasn’t a single incident having to do with my race that I can report.

    I met several African immigrants and students who live in Ukraine and they also told me that things weren’t as bad as they seemed to be on the outside. I saw several black people who were mostly Nigerians, but I also saw some students from Angola, Guinea and other African countries. And according to most of them, yes there are some isolated incidents of racism here and there were some blacks, asians and other foreigners were attacked, but for the most part, Ukrainians are civilized and rather friendly when you get to know them.

    Naturally, before I went there, I also heard a lot of negative things about that country and the way black people were treated there. But I can guarantee you that they are treated just like anywhere else in the West; meaning some people are decent, some are very curious and courteous, and some people are hostile and condescending.

    It should be noted that I mostly stay in the Center of Kiev where my friend and I had rented an appartement on Shota Rustaveli. So the key is not to venture alone at night in strange places and those places are dangerous for anybody, not just blacks.

    There’s even a famous Night club in Kiev called Patipa where most black people go and naturally, it’s a club for the hip hop and RNB crowd. There’s also another one called Carribean where I saw a lot of Nigerians.

    The clubs in Kiev were much better than the clubs in California for sure and for many different reasons. In Los Angeles, the clubs close at 2:00 AM and they stop selling alcohol at 1:30 AM. In Kiev, they sell alcohol all night and the clubs stay open till 6:00 AM

    The clubs I went to were awesome! We met a French guy named Benoit outside TGI Friday’s on Tuesday night. He and his Ukrainian girlfriend, who could also speak French very well, advised us to try clubs like Patipa, Shooters, Decadence, Avalon etc.

    So on Wednesday June 3rd, my friend and I tried Shooters, but one bouncer there didn’t want to let us in because of “Face control” he said. So I called my friend Julya and she told us to try Carribean club on 4, kominterna str., It was very good. Then on Thurdays we tried Patipa on 10, Muzeinyi Ln., There they play mostly rap music, RNB and there were a lof of the hip hop fans. A lot of beautifull girls tough too many teen age girls, so I didn’t like it.

    The best clubs by far were Arena entertainment on 2A, baseyna str., and Decadence on Shota Rustavelli. We went to Arena on Friday night and Decandence on Saturday. I’ve never seen so many beautiful women in my life. I live in Los Angeles and California has a lot beautiful women like latinas, middle eastern, black American, Asians etc, but the white women in Ukraine are by far the most beautiful in the world in my opinion. My friend lives in Miami and he said that even Miami doesn’t have as many beauties per square kilometers as Kiev have.

    Most of the women I saw were very fit, and they dress very nice, very stylish and are much more feminine than here in the West and they are very friendly too. Americans girls in general are very superficial. Here in LA if you want to see beautiful women, you must go to a special event like the the Long Beach Grand Prix, a Laker’s Game, a USC Football Game or other social event. But in Kiev, they were everywhere: In the shops, at the mall, in the pharmacies, grocery store, in the streets, at McDonald’s etc.


    Mahalo from hawaii 🙂

  2. hilton says:


    Something else. It would be nice if we were able to post pictures attached to our messages for people to see. For example, if I wanted to take some pictures, while in Ukraine, I would love to be able to post those pics to the messages on this board. 🙂


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