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From my personal experience, I would mention that a lot of Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationships break up because Western men and Ukrainian women view dating and relationship in different ways. I have seen many times that although a German man and a Ukrainian woman like/love each other very much they have a lot of problems because people have different ideas about relationship.

Today I want to tell you how Ukrainian and Russian girls view dating, what they expect from men, and how they want to be treated by men.

Dating Ukrainian and Russian ladies provides Western men with a great way to find the love of their life. As you know already, Ukrainian and Russian women are different than their Western (American, German or Canadian counterparts), and men should keep in mind that the cultural differences that play a role in the way that the women from Ukraine and Russia react to dating and courtship. Many Ukrainian women are grounded in their traditional culture. There are many myths that are circulating about these Eastern women, but men will be successful when they realize how the Russian and Ukrainian culture influences the way these women think.

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I may be wrong if I say that most modern Western women are very career-oriented and look for opportunities to be realized professionally. So when they meet a man they are interested in, the women in the Western world see him primarily as a cohabitant (nobody wants to be alone). If a Ukrainian woman dates a man, she sees him as a potential husband and father of her children.

The next point is power that is the essence of lovely Ukrainian and Russian ladies. Unlike Western women, Ukrainian and Russian women are proud of their female power. They draw their strength from their femininity. They know they are strong and are sure to use this fact to their advantage. For Ukrainian and Russian women, the feminine is a virtue that they love. Ukrainian and Russian women need to be approached differently because of the way that they view their sex. Western women are quick to ask a man out, but this is not the case with beautiful girls from Ukraine and Russia.

Furthermore, I have observed in Germany that Western men have false ideas how to win the heart of Ukrainian and Russian women. They think that it is absolutely enough to make nice compliments, to smile, and to tell funny jokes. Maybe, it is enough…. for a Western woman, but not for a Ukrainian woman.

We Ukrainian ladies wish that men show the strength and confidence to approach first. Men must also be able to treat women from Ukraine with the respect that their sex deserves. They are strong and powerful and should be regarded as such. This same behavior also needs to extend to the way that a man treats her family. Family is an essential component of life in Ukraine and Russia. Women are proud of their heritage, and their men should also be respectful and loving of the family roots that she has.

Shyness is a sure sign of a man who is not in touch with his true self. Reserved men are bound to lose out when they are dealing with these women. We want to feel loved and desired. Chasing these women will help to make a relationship more exciting and will strengthen the courting process.

Moreover, this is very important to us if men show initiative. Ukrainian women will not initiate phone calls. Ideal brides will not, but tramps may. These women know what they are about and will wait for a man who will fulfill their needs. Time and effort is no object when these ladies are looking for a husband. They will spare no expense in their quest to find the perfect man to spend their lives with. Men will know that they have truly found a prized princess when they manage to attract a Ukrainian and Russian woman to be their wife.

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In conclusion, I should mention that it is essential that Western men realize the differences in culture and upbringing that influences the way these beautiful women think. They are in tune with their feminine aspect and expect their men to be in tune with their masculinity. Shy men will get nowhere. Ukrainian ladies want a strong man who is not afraid of their beauty and power.

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  1. Hilton says:

    Hi Krystyna,

    You wrote “I may be wrong if I say that most modern Western women are very career-oriented and look for opportunities to be realized professionally”….

    Well, you are very much correct. I would correctly say that 95%, at minimum, of ALL american women, who are 18 years of age and older, will put there career ahead of there relationships with there boyfriends/husband simply because of the femenistic culture that has brainwashed american women. American men know that American women have overpriced themselves in the market and now you have female politicians(american female politicians) making laws that makes it harder for american men to find wives outside of the United States 🙁

    Research has revealed that 9 out of 10 American women marry up; meaning that if she is making $90,000 a year she will want her husband to make $180,000 a year. And, although this might be a general statement that could apply to ALL women on earth, what is happening in the United States is that while American women are too busy being career oriented what happens is that they bring there work competition at home so that they are now competing with the man at home. They don’t know how to separate there corporate work from there home life. Men, on the other hand will duke it out at the corporate level, or whatever level they happen to be on, but then as soon as they get home they want to relax. But, what you have is a vast majority of american women that not only get a to-do list for things to be done at work but then they also make a to-list of things for men to do while at home. This statement might sound or even be unfair to american women, but when you realize that more than 50% of all marriages end in divorce, within the first 5 years of marriage and that 95%(that’s right 95%) of all American marriages end in divorce within the first 12 to 20 years of marriage, and on top of that you realize that women initiate twice as many divorces as men do then you begin to see and realize that american women are not only pricing themselves out of good american men, but good american men are indeed wanting to find love in another country that would not only compliment there manliness but also women who would bring appreciation of a man to a higher level of living.

    Is it just me or am I just telling the truth here? 🙂

    Mahalo from hawaii,


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