A comprehensive cost analysis of Ukrainian and Russian dating

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Many Western men dream to meet a special woman from the Ukraine or Russia and do not think about the possible costs that may later seem like just huge. From experiences of Western men looking for a woman from Ukraine, approximate average cost of Ukrainian and Russian adventure: $10,000-$15,000.

As you see, the cost of Ukrainian and Russian dating to some may be very expensive, but to others a great bargain. Depending on the country, in which you live. The cost to date and possibly win the heart of a respectable lady could be twice that of a woman from a foreign country.

The idea of dating another woman from a different country is rooted far back in history. Often the courtship would start with mail or other means of correspondence.

Mostly men from the United States seem to be the highest ranking customers for Ukrainian and Russian women for marriage. In my opinion, this may be because U.S. women are so hard to please and are used to the better things in life.

Women from Ukraine, Russia, the Philippines and Thailand do not have the lavish lifestyle that North American women take for granted. Such as going to a movie or the corner store when she wants to or to even take a job if she would like. Which does make a foreign bride more appreciative of their spouse and the new freedoms she might experience by being in a new country.

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The cost to date a Ukrainian and Russian woman for marriage is decided by a great many things such as postage, phone calls, air fair, translation cost as well as dinner and a movie. Other costs are related to the Ukrainian dating services such as purchasing an online service membership, purchasing their catalog of women and the purchase of a woman’s address. These cost can also be related to the country that you live and the distance that you may be from your prospective bride.

The approximate prices of the Ukrainian dating process are listed below:

  • Purchasing the address the of the Ukrainian and Russian women: $10-$15 for each address
  • Sending of letters will cost: $5 per letter
  • Translation of phone call: $6 for every minute
  • Purchasing the catalogue of Ukrainian and Russian women: $120
  • Online dating service membership: $80-$650
  • Airfare: $500-$1000 and even more at times, depending on the distance of the country you are moving to.
  • Ukrainian Romance tour: $3,500-$7,500, it includes accommodation and other expenses.
  • The VISA cost of Ukrainian and Russian women for marriage come within a reasonable $450

These cost can add up quickly, but the opportunity to find your true love is well worth it. There are several different sites on-line like LoveMe.com, ElenasModels.com, A Pretty Woman.com or AnastasiaDate.com that offer International dating services. They offer an opportunity to select and to get to know your Ukrainian woman of interest. Which can help you make that final decision of meeting her or not.

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As you know, Ukrainian and Russian women are very pleasant and often seem much easier pleased than most women from other countries. This may be related to the way they were brought up by their family and their traditions. Or by the social and economic situations of the country they lived in. The thought of a bride from another culture has always been intriguing to most men and can be a fantastic learning experience for a couple.

In conclusion, I should mention that not matter what part of the world you live in or where you decide to look for a special woman for life. The cost is not an issue when it comes to your happiness it should be a matter of personal preference to your satisfaction. 🙂


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