Four Secrets to a Successful Western-Ukrainian Relationship

Dear friends,

Building a strong relationship takes lots of love and patience, even if both people are from the same culture. If you are both from different cultures, you will need to understand each other’s background in order to get along. I believe many people become frustrated and end the relationship because they feel that the cultural barrier is too high to overcome. This simply is not true, so I have put together some tips to make your cross-cultural experience easier and more rewarding.

Secret #1: Learn about the country, culture, mentality and traditions of your partner

First of all, I believe that you need to educate yourself about your partner’s country. You can search online and find many articles about Ukrainian history and culture. Depending on where you live, there may be a Ukrainian church or community center nearby that you can visit. I believe that many Ukrainian communities hold festivals during certain times of the year, and this is a great chance for you to experience the food and culture firsthand.

Secret #2: Learn the language of your foreign wife in order to understand her thoughts and soul

I feel that you also need to realize that there will be a language barrier to overcome. Many Ukrainians speak English, but they may not be completely fluent. I personally think it would be immensely helpful for westerners to learn some Ukrainian or Russian (every Ukrainian woman can speak and understand Russian).

You can find free programs online that will help you learn the Ukrainian and Russian language and alphabet, and this may help to bridge the communication gap.

Learn Russian online:

  • (for free)
  • (for free)

Learn Ukrainian online:

  • (a free online course for beginners)

Secret #3: Accept the culture of your partner

You also need to be aware of what is considered socially acceptable between your two cultures. For example, Ukrainians are typically not very demonstrative in public, and they usually reserve displays of affection for inside the home. I know that Ukrainians may seem reserved at first, but it is part of their nature to slowly ease into any relationship.

Ukrainian-Western relationship
Image Source: © Viacheslav Vorobyev |

So, don’t be offended if your attempts at being affectionate are not reciprocated right away. I feel that both people need to see themselves as individuals and place their own set of personal values higher than those of their respective cultures. This is a big step in breaking down cultural barriers.

Secret # 4: Respect, understanding and love

I personally believe that one of the most important factors in any relationship is respect for each other. When you respect your partner as an individual, you will be able to appreciate and embrace your cultural differences.

Of course, both of you will also need to have a lot of patience with one another as you work through your differences together. I believe that if you follow these suggestions and truly attempt to understand each other, you will be able to create a great future together.

Good luck! 🙂

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2 Responses

  1. Hilton says:


    Thanks for the article as usual 🙂

    Truthfully, most men who attempt this process will fail miserably 🙁

    Reading about what works and practicing it in the real world is where the problems come into play. I just read an article about the famous actor George Clooney, who acted in the recent movie called “Decendents”. The movie was created and made here in hawaii on the island where I lived. Personally, I didn’t like the movie but that has to do with us Hawaiians knowing our history and comparing what we know to what the movie projected. But, that’s another story for another time.

    The moral of what I’m trying to say is that George Clooney admitted that he will never get married again. He said that he wouldn’t be a good father or husband because he places his career above having a family. After his divorce he said that he would never marry again because he was not good at being a husband. There’s many..many men in america who thinks like George Clooney. Fact of the matter is, no good Ukrainian women would be good enough for George Clooney because of his mentality. And, this is from a multi-millionaire mind you.

    I wish George Cloone was reading your board, he might be inspired to change his mind about possible marriage 🙂

    Mahalo from hawaii,


    • Krystyna Krystyna says:


      unfortunately, you’re absolutely right. Such a situation can be seen in any country of the Western world, not only in America. A female friend of mine that is from Ukraine as well started dating a German man three months ago. I see that she makes a lot of efforts to develop their relationship.

      However, I do not see these efforts by the German. He immediately told her that he was not going to change his mentity and moral for her and does not show any initiative for the development of their relationship.

      I think people in Germany and America (rather in the Western world) have become so individualistic that they just lost the traditional value of family and relationship.

      Four secrets I described in the article are not secrets, rather they are well-known steps for a happy relationship. And everybody knows this. In this article, I did not discover America again, I just repeated the only truth already known to all.

      Mahalo from Germany


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