The Importance of March 8 in Ukraine and Russia

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You know surely March 8 is International Women’s Day. For those of Western men that have never heard of it, it is like having Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day all rolled into one holiday. This is basically how places like the Ukraine and Russia celebrate women.

That is not how Women’s Day originally started. The day actually has some very interesting history. In 1910 an International Women’s Conference was held to address things such as, equal rights and social achievements. In March of 1911, over one million people in various Eastern European countries protested and demanded that women be given the right to vote and hold public office.

The day is declared an official holiday in countries such as Russia, Vietnam, Zambia, Armenia, Madagascar, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and China. International Women’s Day has lost its political meaning in many regions and has simply changed into a day to show adoration and appreciation to the women in your life. 🙂

If a man is in a relationship, and he fails to acknowledge this date, he will probably cause the woman much embarrassment. It is traditional to give all the women in your life such as Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, and Aunts, flowers and chocolates.

In Italy it is custom for a man to give a woman yellow mimosas and chocolate. In Bosnia, Croatia and Brazil women often get gifts from their employers as well as the men in their life. In Portugal it is tradition for groups of women to gather for “women only” dinners. In Pakistan many working women celebrate International Women’s Day to acknowledge their continual struggle for equal rights and freedoms. The International Women’s Day events worldwide vary by region and culture however they are still united in a common goal of recognizing women’s accomplishments over the last century.

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In other regions, the human rights and political aspect of struggles that women worldwide have are highlighted in hopes to bring awareness to others. The United Nations has annual themes for International Women’s Day. In 2011 events were held in over 100 countries to mark the 100th anniversary of the day. Australia issued a 100th anniversary coin and in the United States, President Barack Obama declared the month of March Women’s History Month.

In 2012 the United Nations theme for International Women’s Day will be Empower Women- End Hunger and Poverty. In many countries around the world people will gather and give praise for women’s accomplishments.

Therefore, dear Gentlemen, do not forget to congratulate Ukrainian women on March 8! 🙂

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