Let’s talk about Ukrainian dating clichés

Dear friends,

Let’s talk about International (rather Ukrainian) dating clichés today. Recently, I have received a mail from one of my readers who accused me that I provide/give false information about Ukrainian women, namely: we are beautiful, feminine, tender and family-oriented.

In fact, in his opinion, the truth about Ukrainian women for marriage is completely the opposite. He wrote me that us, Ukrainian ladies, are lazy and we expect that the man does everything in a relationship. In addition, the reader told me that he had corresponded with over 100 women from the Ukraine, and all the women were the same, namely: they gave off an impression of being lazy, did not respond to him and they showed no interest in developing the communication with the man. He wrote me that (all) Ukrainian women are not usually interested in putting any work or effort into a relationship.

Therefore, I decided to write an article about generalizations and clichés in the International online dating. “Blonde hair, red lips, and a mini skirt” & “an ideal wife, mother and homemaker”- these are the standard images of Russian and Ukrainian women in the West. As a result, thousands of Western men start looking for the ideal woman from Ukraine and Russia each year. Unfortunately, many men become disappointed after a while because they understand some of the Ukrainian dating clichés just do not correspond to reality.

Let’s see what the problem is. As said above, the reader had communicated with over 100 Ukrainian brides through different online dating services – without any success. Now, he thinks that all Ukrainian women are not able to start a happy intercultural relationship with a Western man.

In the first place I have to say that much more than merely 100 single women for marriage live in Ukraine. For that reason, it is simply wrong to think that all Ukrainian women are bad and lazy. I would like to ask you, guys, if you think that all Ukrainian women are the same. Every woman in Ukraine has the same personality? Are all Western men the same? Are all American men the same? I do not think so.

We are making a big mistake here: we all love to make generalizations about everything in this life. We assume that “All German men are cold”, “All American men are superficial”, “All Ukrainian and Russian women are just after my money”, or “All Thai women unquestionably obey the man”. But is that really true? I don’t think so. Western men should understand that Ukrainian women can be brunettes or blondes, good or bad, family- or career-oriented, lazy or hard-working. We Ukrainian women are just different (exactly like yourselves).

Ukraine woman

Typical woman from Ukraine?

Secondly, it is a known fact that if we make a mistake or have no success in what we do, we always tend to blame others. We cannot see our own mistakes and won’t take criticism from others. The reader wrote me that there is no doubt for him that Ukrainian women are responsible for the fact that he did not find a match in Ukraine. I am rather sure that the man thinks he did everything perfectly, and, of course, the women from Ukraine did everything wrong.

The reasons why over 100 Ukrainian women with whom the man had communicated did not show any interest can be the following:

  1. Boring messages that lack true interest and emotions
  2. Too big age difference (I do not recommend you to look for women who are 20 years younger than you)
  3. Strange behavior of the men (e.g. questions about sex, intimacy, clothing size, etc.)
  4. Misconceptions about the Ukrainian online dating (some Western men think, “I am a Western man and do not need to make any effort to win the heart of a Ukrainian woman. She must be happy if I send a message to her”).

You must understand that Ukrainian women are considered to be one of the most beautiful and desirable women in the world. We can choose, as well. We have requirements to males, as well.

In conclusion, I have a question for you, guys. Why are there so many happy Ukrainian-Western couples in the world if all Ukrainian women for marriage seem to be bad? Of course, there is also the possibility that the Ukrainian-Western marriage will not work. But as you know, not every American (Western) relationship works, either.

I recommend you, dear Gentlemen, not to make generalizations about Ukrainian women and just be adequate with your purposes and desires.

Good luck! 🙂

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1 Response

  1. Hilton says:


    To the gentleman, who is unhappy, about his results from his efforts(assuming that he’s telling the truth about the 100 women he wrote to) and also his failure from his efforts.

    I would say that more than likely he ‘didn’t mentally get it’ because just like he has certain requirements, regardless if the requirements are real or fantasy, the women also has requirements.

    I would tell the gentleman to go to Michael Mordinson’s website at http://www.mordinson.com and look at the real live feed video of 3 of the women speaking about what they want and what they are looking for. You can see and here in both there eyes and voices how sincere those Ukrainian women are!

    It’s apparent that the guy don’t know the culture or is able to anticipate the reactions of the Ukrainian women he wrote to because he probably wrote to them as if they were american women. As they say in America, “Dude” you can’t be writing to women from a foreign land the way you write to an emaciated american women. There’s good, bad, and great women everywhere so you have to have realistic requirements for any woman that you meet. But, it’s the culture and the way these women look at life that makes them different in Ukraine. They’re not welfare and foodstamped minded, like 30% of all american women are(and that’s a conservative number). These women are used to using there brains instead of the government for help so they are as smart as a whip but as fragile as an ocean sea shell.

    I would say that this gentleman will have to do more homework on getting to know the thought processes of Ukrainian women so that his success level can increase. Further, he needs to understand that if he truly did write to 100 women and found zero success then more than likely he only has himself to blame and that he’s doing something wrong and that his lack of awareness is what’s keeping him from success. Lack of awareness equals lack success. Lack of success equals lack of happiness and lack of happiness equals more unhappiness 🙁

    The blame can be pinpointed to the person looking in the mirror each morning….it’s an easy process if you get the male ego out of the way 🙂

    Mahalo from hawaii 🙂


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