Report on Trafficking in Women From Ukraine by Donna M. Hughes & Tatyana Denisova

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you’re probably wondering why I haven’t written on my blog for almost a week. The answer is simple, namely: I was in Ukraine in Kiev where I celebrated my birthday with my family :). My vacation was very nice and I miss Ukraine already. For UkrainianDatingBlog readers, I wanted to make a photo report on my vacation in Kiev. Unfortunately, my camera was going broken and you will see Kiev through Krystyna’s eyes only in a few days. 🙁

Today I just want to introduce you an interesting report on trafficking in Ukrainian women by Donna M. Hughes and Tatyana Denisova. This research on the trafficking of Ukraine women was conducted as part of the U.S.-Ukraine Research Partnership, an agreement between the International Center of the U. S. National Institute of Justice and the Ukrainian Academy of Legal Sciences. Trafficking in women for the purpose of sexual exploitation, often referred to a modem day form of slavery, is a multi-billion dollar global criminal activity.

The moneymakers are transnational networks of traffickers and pimps that prey on the dreams of women seeking from sending and receiving countries. Countries with large sex industries create the demand and are the receiving countries, while countries where traffickers easily recruit women are the sending countries.

prostitution in ukraine

Currently, Ukraine is a supplier of women for prostitution. Trafficking of women and children for sexual exploitation is a serious problem in Ukraine affecting 100,000s of victims and their families.

The facts are dated but the study gives a large amount of detail about the culture, the influence of organized crime and the fact that many if not most of the pimps are Ukrainian women. While the subject is somewhat depressing, the statistics and connection with other countries is quite interesting. There is a great amount of detail in this report that deals with life in Ukraine, not only for the prostitutes.

To read the study of prostitution in Ukraine and the white slave trade click here:



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  1. hilto says:


    The report is depressing to say the least. By the way, I already wished you a happy birthday two days before your birthday came 🙂

    Anyway, the report only re-affirm that it’s best to use a reputable marriage agency, such as and a couple of others that interview the women in great depth and understand the culture of ukraine as well as the language. These agency, although the best cost alot, saves the man 100 times what he could loose if he contacts and falls in love with the wrong woman.

    Ukraine is no different, as far as human nature is concerned, than the United States or Brazil simply because all women are the same when it comes to emotions and motivations for making money. It’s a sad realization on one hand, but the truth on the other hand. The hand that you choose will be the hand that feeds or destroys you.

    In any case, I highly encourage any man to initially spend the upfront cost of joining a highly reputable marriage agency while skipping all the stress behind having to have to do all the leg work themselves.

    Mahalo from hawaii,


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