Ukrainian Dating Interview with Daniel: about the biggest challenge in his life!

To read the whole Ukrainian dating interview with Daniel, please


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2 Responses

  1. Hilton says:


    I just read the interview about Daniel with his wife and it seems like they are doing their best to stay together. On the other hand, one of your readers sent me two youtube videos that astonished me!

    I will give you and the other readers the youtube video’s below so that you guys/gals can listen to the video. They are two different videos but with the same message. To say that I was correct in my established judgement about MOST and MAJORITY of all american women(and most women in the world for that matter) is an understatement. I knew that what I went through and what I’ve experienced with women wasn’t me being unjustifiably crazy. I knew I was correct in my assessment and judgement. Even to this very day(today), I observe the very behavior and shamefullness that I witness on the daily basis both here in hawaii and on mainland U.S.A.

    Enjoy the two videos below and may they be an eye opener to all the guys reading your forum:

    Mahalo from hawaii,


  2. hilton says:


    This is not related to the article, but I found this online article to be amusing. This guy is the tallest man in America. He’s 7’8″ tall. But, that the boring part. What is actually unique is that he’s from the Ukraine!!

    Check it out..

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