Western men’s opinions: Why not to date American women

Dear friends,

My regular reader Hilton has explained a few times already why he does not want to date an American woman. I decided to do a little online analysis and find Western men’s opinions on “Why don’t they want to date American women” through different Russian and Ukrainian women forums.

Here is Hilton’s opinion on why not to date American ladies:

I’ve dated 23 different women in my life and none, NOT ONE SINGLE AMERICAN WOMEN, was able to convince me as to why marrying any of them would be any better than me staying single!

I don’t hate american women but I understand that the american culture, being that I’m a native hawaiian, don’t match my thought process and outlook on life. I’m reserved and somewhat conservative. I found that the outlook on life that Ukrainian women have match how I think and I believe that you have to search for a woman, from a country, that matches how you look at life. Being an american with another american isn’t good enough these days. Information moves too quickly and wrong information moves even quicker. So, you have to find what matches your outlook on life; even if that means looking in another country to do so!


I would correctly say that 95%, at minimum, of ALL american women, who are 18 years of age and older, will put there career ahead of there relationships with there boyfriends/husband simply because of the femenistic culture that has brainwashed american women. American men know that American women have overpriced themselves in the market and now you have female politicians(american female politicians) making laws that makes it harder for american men to find wives outside of the United States….


We all know why American guys want to find a woman from Ukraine or Russia, namely: we are feminine, family-oriented and pretty. We all know why Russian and Ukrainian women dream to find a match abroad, namely: most Russian and Ukrainian men drink too much, they are violent, they don’t respect their woman, they don’t respect family values…

I am wondering if American ladies are not able and do not want to give their men the basic things like care, attention, affection, respect and patience in the relationship and marriage. Is that really true? In my opinion, the most common reason (that I’ve heard of) why American men want to find a Ukrainian or Russian woman is that American women (their women) are extremely emancipated and career oriented.

I found some interesting opinions of the Western men that I would like to present in the today’s article:

Opinion # 1:

Opinion # 2:

Opinion # 3:

Opinion # 4:

Opinion # 5:

Opinion # 6:

And why don’t you want to date an American woman, dear readers?

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2 Responses

  1. Hilton says:


    Another great article 🙂

    I don’t want to sound like I’m beating up on american women or some kind of american woman hater. I will simply say what the vast majority of american women don’t want to say. I will also say what the vast majority of men, who have dated american women, will agree with.

    There’s perhaps dozens of articles, online, about ‘black women not finding GOOD BLACK MEN’. I’ve read nearly all of them to see what ‘black women’ had to say for themselves. But, when you look at what they have to say you can clearly see all the laughable comments that show disrespect for the very men that they think they deserve. On the flip side, you have alot of white women, and every color in between these women, who are overweight and obese by the time they are 25 years old. The U.S government states that nearly 50% of all people(from children to adults) are obese and/or overweight. If the government is saying this, then the real truth is that this number is closer to 70% or 80% because the government tends to downplay the bad things and over exaggerate on the good things.

    So, for all you american women, who are reading this, this is either where your reading stops, or if you’re curious about the truth, as to the the ‘why’s’ and ‘reasons’ why american men are looking for true and serious love from russia/ukraine then, by all means, you can read and open up your minds as to why your girlfriends and next door girl neighbors are still single; and why you and your girlfriens would be wise to change your attitudes and actions toward the men whom you’re trying to attract. And, for all you american women who are truly good, which are far, few, and in between, I would like to congratulate you on a job well done, especially in an environment where you are going against the grain of a feministic society.

    Krystyna, you wrote “I am wondering if American ladies are not able and do not want to give their men the basic things like care, attention, affection, respect and patience in the relationship and marriage. Is that really true?”

    It’s not that they are not able it’s just that they are not interested in doing what nature meant for them to do and that is to be nourishers of the family structure. Think about it. Have you ever seen a whole basketball team ever win a basketball game when the Center of the time was the actual point guard? It never happens, except on those extreme rare occasions such as a Magic Johnson moment. But that’s extreme and rare!

    American women think they can be the man and the woman at the same time. They don’t seem to think that there thinking is what disables there relationships or future relationships before they even start!

    American men, for the most part, want to work hard for his family and be respected, loved and appreciated by his wife. He doesn’t want to come home and get into a petty argument over why he didn’t take the trash out before he went to work in the morning. That’s stupid. American men are thirsty, hungry and starving for appreciation. They can find that element in Russia/Ukraine and believe me when I say American men are now figuring out that american women are not worth the makeup they put on in the morning.

    Now, onto another idea. If you could read history over 2,000 years ago, before the birth of Jesus Christ, you would see that the pattern of usery and divorce keeps playing out the same pattern over and over again. What do these mega rich superstars and politicians such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille Oneal, Baby Face, Kim Kardashian and Al Gore have in common?

    100% of them have gotten a divorce within the first 20 years of marriage. Guess what? Nearly 100% of the divorces were initiated by the american women! Isn’t that odd? Every single one of the females married ‘up’; meaning that they married a man who made more money than the man; thus fulfilling the notion and research that 9 out of 10 american women not only marry up but they are the first ones to initiate a divorce when things don’t go according to there plan or agenda.

    Now, djfourmoney wrote about how american women only look for a certain age before giving up on any man who isn’t in the correct age group. That’s nearly funny because it’s the other way around in Ukraine. The ukrainian men are only wanting the young ukrainian women but for those women, even the attractive ones, who are over the age of 30, there chances are not good at finding a love for there life.

    Basilik gave a perfect demonstration of how ignorant and selfish most american women are. They could totally be in another country with someone that they are suppose to ‘love’ but yet the one that is suppose to be loved is the one made to feel like he’s in second place. I can see why he’s no longer with that american woman and why he probably will never marry one.

    Airforece1 demonstrates, perfectly, why being with an american women is more of a night mare than anything else. With all the neck rolling excusing, lashing tongues, sour attitudes towards the very things that could make them happier in life, and there tireless irresponsible speech that has the overtones of disrespect, I would say that he hit the nail right on the head about why most american men would do well to NOT marry an american women.

    And, finally, if my memory serves me correct, Larry speak about how dating an american women is like going to an interview; except the interview ends after she ask you ‘so…what kind of car do you drive?’. Questions like that not only pisses off the american man, but tells me if she is actually wanting to be in a serious relationship with me or if she wants to be in a serious relationship with my car. I mean, for crying out loud, I don’t think my car tires are going scream just because her rear end sits in it’s seat(laughing). It just goes to show you why marrying an american women isn’t worth the ground she walks on. And, the sad part about it is that this is not even a phenomenon. This happens every day all day in the United States of freaking America. Larry speaks about how american women puts you through tests after tests; as though putting you through a barrier of verbal tests is going to improve whether or not she’s going to divorce you or leave you standing without your shoes.

    I’ve said it a few times now and I’ll say it again, I’ve been single now for 7 years(been single since I was 33 years old) and i’ve dated enough women in my life to know that no american women, even the good ones, can convince me to date them less alone marry any one of them. Experience, observations from my own experiences, observations from all my friends who have gotten divorced and are now homeless because they had to give up there homes and half of there income for both child support and spousal support, and observations of super athletic stars, such as Kobe Bryant, who just got a divorce and his wife took 2 out of the 3 homes they had together(she gave one home to her mother) and she got hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation, tells me everything I need to know in order to NOT marry an american woman.

    Because of these testimonials, because of my observations from those who have failed among the eyes of american women, and because of my personal experience with american women I have chosen the route of Ukraine. And, finally, in my life, I feel good again about my future prospects of not being alone. Sure, I’m learning Russian and it’s fun and hard at the same time 🙂

    But, I know at the end it’s going to be worth it and all those failed years of trying to live up to the expectations of my past american female counterparts will end. What I’m more excited about now, more than ever before, is when I bring my fiance/wife to Hawaii and see the looks on the faces of all those women who thought that they had me when they said ‘hello’. I want to see the expressions on there faces when they see that marriage ring on my finger and that marriage ring on her finger. I want to see the expressions on there faces when they see how well I will be taking care of her and how well she will treat me. I want to see the envy curve on the top of there foreheads and I want to give these very same women a silent reminder that you can never keep a good man down without a good women, from another country, taking up his offer.

    When that day comes, all hell is going to break loose and I’ll have my water hose to cool these women down..haha

  2. yep says:

    The truth hurts , American women (westernized Americanized wasp western euro decent women) in general are insecure , selfish , self-centered , materialistic , mean spirited , fake , angry , unhappy , low-self-esteem , gold diggers, manipulative , conniving , sexually repressed and totally Un-liberated, and play to many head games…

    Eastern European women make them look like fools and a total joke….Eastern European women are way more beautiful and are way more liberated than these totally sexually repressed wasp westernized American women….

    that about covers it. FACT! 101! – Let the games begin.

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