Lost in Translation: 5 Stories by Marriage Agency Translators

Dear friends,

as you know, I’m always looking for relevant information and news in the Ukrainian dating industry. Yesterday I decided to find out what the Russian and Ukrainian ladies write on forums about International online dating. I was surprised as I saw a story of a marriage agency interpreter on one forum.

I did a little research on diverse Russian and Ukrainian forums and found several stories telling about how some marriage agencies work. I translated the stories into English. You know that English is not my mother tongue and I am not a professional translator. Thus, my translation is not perfect and exact. But I am sure you can understand the mail meaning of the stories.

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Before you start reading the five stories, I have to mention that there are honest marriage agencies in Ukraine. Unfortunately, the translators do not tell the name of the marriage agencies. That means that you have to be cautious and always do an online research before you decide to use the specific dating agency.

Story #1:

Long time ago I worked in an “International marriage agency” in Odessa Ukraine. While my work at the agency I could experience the principle of the agency’s work.

The principle looks like: beautiful pictures are found on the Internet and real women make a photo shooting. The dating site is ready. Furthermore, the translator talks to the Western grooms. The translator is a middle-aged woman with a pleasant voice who must communicate in the following way: first, nice messages, than request to support “the woman” financially. Then she asks for money for her “English course”.

This period of the communication with Western men is long. I think because this time is the most productive in terms of money. The next step is phone communication and the translator asks for money from time to time. While working at the marriage agency, I did not see any Ukrainian women looking for a partner abroad.

Source: http://forum.od.ua/showthread.php?t=236016&page=1


Story #2:

About my job at a marriage agency: Translation of the message plus the answer to the messages from Western men cost about $5 (but usually $2). We offered professional arrangement of hotels on arrival, gifts, hotels, restaurants, etc… But most foreigners are not children and perfectly understand everything.

Costs of translation: translation of messages cost around $2; translation of dates with a Western man costs $5 an hour. They were my main duties.


Story #3:

The dating system is very clever and profitable, although the finance crisis makes little problems in the business. In general, the scheme of the dating agency looks as follows: young girls with knowledge of the English are found in order to chat with Western men. Western men have to pay for each message. They have a possibility to buy a gift for a “real woman from Ukraine”.

In my experience, interpreters help only during dates with Western men. They earn about $2-5 per hour. The girls work on the weekend very hard: chatting, calling, chatting… Audio and video calls are very expensive.


ukrainian dating agency

Story #4: Job as a marriage agency translator


I work as a translator at the marriage agency and do not understand some things. I am ashamed to ask my chef because I’m afraid to get fired.

My job duty is to log in the profiles of the women who are registered o the dating site and chat with Western men who want to chat with the specific woman. What I have to write to the Western man if he writes that he wants to come to visit “me” (should I refuse or accept his request). I do not know what I have to write them. We talk on general topics, but if Western men write about meetings in person I do not know what to write. Please help!

Bishoujo answers:

When I took a job at a marriage agency, I was said that I have to communicate with foreigners on behalf of the girls registered on the site. And if a man wants to come to Ukraine, you call the girl and ask her if she wants to meet the man in person. Then you can give a reply to the foreigner. Your main goal as a translator is to attract foreigners. You help with communication during dates – and get money for that.

P.S. And do not be afraid to ask the chef! It is better to know the specifics of your work.

Source: http://www.kharkovforum.com/showthread.php?t=1726182


Story #5: Translator is a writer and matchmaker

After having passed written and oral tests, I got a job as a translator in a marriage agency. The work is not difficult especially because my level of language is quite high. The salary is not high but the job is not stressful. It is possible to work from home (very pleased for me). Two-three times a week, I go the office to take new letters to translate.

I was particularly surprised – my job is not only to translate the messages of the women and men but also to write love letters for Western customers. That creep doubts about moral of my job.



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6 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    Hello Krystyna

    I simply think that we do not need a middleman to convey any love message


    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hi Eric,

      You’re certainly right – men don’t need any middlemen for communication with women. However, such “dating” agencies (better to say scammers) will always prosper until this business works.

      It is therefore very important to learn about the agency or the site as much as possible before you decide to become a customer of their services.

      Honestly, I cannot understand Western men who buy a Premuim Membership for $XXX and then write on different “Russian & Ukrainian women” forums that this agency is a scam because the men have gained negative experiences with them. Please do an online research and read other users’ experiences with online dating sites. Internet is your best friend in this case!


    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      P.S. I wrote a message to some translators. I hope some of them will agree to give me an interview! We’ll see.

  2. Eric says:

    Hi Krystyna,

    In the old days without the Internet, it was impossible to know which agencies were good and which were bad. With Internet, it is now possible to get more information. However, I think it still need some skill and time in searching as sometimes there are simply too much information on Internet. How to search for and identity genuine user experience may not be simple. And I guess sometimes finding our cup to tea may require more time and effort than we have originally estimated.

    I’m wondering, where and how do you find these translators? How do you make interviews with them? By instant messaging, by phone or meet in person?

    Just heard that there was a bombing attack in Ukraine…


  3. pj says:

    Hi krystyna. I recently went to meet a woman from an agency that also did sightseeing tours. The owner of the agency and her translators were amazing and helpful and i had an amazing time in kyiv.
    I had been writing to a lady for many months before i told her i was coming to kyiv and she knew i was coming to kyiv months before i was due to arrive and a few weeks before my arrival she said she was taking exams and could not be with me all the time. I arrived in kyiv on monday and arranged to meet heron the wednesday and it was like she did not know me which made things awkward and said after about 1 hours she had to go to do her exams and after she left it was arranged to meet her again on the sunday but i was told a couple of hours before by the translator that she could not make it because she had to go to the countryside with her parents. I had bought her gifts and was leaving to go home early hours of monday morning so gave the translator my gifts. Next day when i got home i got an email from the lady apologising and saying she missed me and asked for forgiveness saying she had to go with her parents. Her letters to me are very romantic and the agency delivered everything they promised and more but something does not
    feel right. When i have bought gifts for the lady the agency always sent me a photo of the lady with the gifts but when i asked for photos of the
    gifts bought her when i was in kyiv i was reasurance that the lady got the gifts. Like i said something did not seem right with the lady, what should i do?

    • robert says:

      PJ hi, you said things with the lady did not seem right, you probably wrote your email in frustration because you felt a little angry after things did not work with the lady you met when you went to kiev to meet her, ami right? Men go to ukraine expecting to meet the beautifil woman of their dreams and many leave ukraine disapointed and feel angry or feel they have been scammed. PJ it does not look like you have been scammed so dont worry it looks like things did not worked out with the woman you met thats what dating is all about you win some you lose some. So PJ pick yourself up and go to back to kiev to have a good time because is a very beautiful city and there are lots of nightclubs where there are so many beautiful. Meeting a woman in ukraine through a marriage or dating agency is a scam so when the woman you are corrosponding with says really romantic and passionate things to you in her letters to you the letters are most likely written by translators to hook you in because she wants you to keep paying for letters because she is making money. Want my advice PJ? Enjoy kiev as the beautiful city that it is and meet women in bars and night clubs rather than through a marriage agency. I know to western men going to ukraine for the first time can be scary because ukraine feels like an alien country. Go to ukraine with a group of friends to have a good time and once you get rid of your fears and become confident you can get the woman of your dreams in a bar or club in kiev and and it wont cost you thousands of dollars or risk being scammed or ripped off by a marriage or dating agency

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