A normal progression in a Ukrainian-Western relationship?

Hello Krystyna,

I really enjoy your blog. It has helped me a lot. 🙂 I could really use your help. In the beginning of the year, I started talking with Ukrainian women online after good experiences with local Russian women that I know. So I did as much research on Ukrainian customs and dating as possible.

Then this summer I went to Kiev and met a woman who I have had emailed and we hit it off. She spoke little English and her friend the interpreter helped us out. Fast forward to today. I have been there 3 times this summer just for her. We always have a great time. We email each other every day for the last 225 days (which we have learned a lot about each other) and talk on the phone every week. She is always very positive and we really get along.

Last time I gave her a diamond ring to show her I am serious about her and she was very surprised and happy but needed more time which is fine with me. So this next time she said she would tell me her answer when I see her again and has said that she wants me to meet her parents and she asks about my daughter all the time.

I have been learning Russian as fast as possible and she has noticed and has been impressed. Last time I was there, she said she wanted to sign up for English classes. So I enrolled her and she likes them. She is very kind and traditional but she does not very emotional like American women (which I like) she will answer anything I ask her but she can be private.

I think everything is going well, but I’d like to get your take on this because the culture is different and I really enjoy her company and we have a great time. I enjoy Odessa as a city and the whole experience is great to me. Your opinion would help me. Does this sound like a normal progression to you? I am just excited to be with her and she has never lied to me as far as I know. I know this was long but I would like your input.. thank you



Hello Kevin,

Your story is interesting and I liked it much :). I am glad that you found an honest, affectionate and loving woman from Ukraine. Don’t worry – the development of your relationship is going very well. And you need to appreciate that because you have really a lot of luck. You have constant contact; the woman obviously has a deep interest to you. You have a great time together.

Ukrainian woman

Ukrainian woman

Everyone has positive and negative features. Maybe, your woman is not very emotional like American women, but she can give something what American women cannot give. My German boyfriend told me one time that German women do not give a man the feeling that they really need him as well as that he is the head of the family and relationship.

Ukrainian women give you the feeling of being a MAN. We have a modern society but traditional values are something special and can make people really happy. Moreover, Ukrainian women can be shy with Western men because they do not know the culture and mentality of the Western world. Moreover, Ukrainian ladies do not know exactly how to deal with Western men. Furthermore, your woman does not speak English very well; therefore, she cannot express her feelings and emotions literary in words. Ukrainian women become more open with time and show you our Ukrainian temperament. 🙂

Of course, there are intercultural barriers and conflicts in a Ukrainian-Western relationship. But I am sure there are conflicts in an American-American relationship, as well. Any relationship requires a lot of work and patience. But your story sounds great! If you could read some messages from my readers, you would understand why your story is great. Not every man finds such a special woman like yours. 🙂



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  1. hilto says:


    If you’re reading this board/message, I would like to congratulate you. I want to be in the exact situation that you’re in and I will eventually get there 🙂

    If she is true to her word and actions, I say keep doing what you’re doing man. Eventually, you and your lady will tie the rings on each others hands and then your real life will begin 🙂



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