Risk Factors for Problems in a Ukrainian-Western Relationship

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There are indeed some problems that can arise between Ukrainian and Western partners in a cross-cultural relationship and marriage. From my personal experience with an intercultural relationship, I know that there are some big risk factors for problems in a Ukrainian-Western relationship. Today, we discuss some of the most important risk factors in order to avoid these problems in your relationship with a Ukrainian/Russian woman.

One thing that Western men should do before getting online to find a Ukrainian woman for marriage is to take the time to study their culture first. Knowing what to expect can save a lot of headaches and problems. It takes time to adjust to different cultures and mindsets. It is well worth your time to explore the cultural differences between diving in.

Ukrainian-Western Relationship

One of the most common is that Ukrainian and Russian women always expect to be invited. They also expect the man to pay for the entire date. Western men today are far more liberated to that and some of them find these Ukrainian values a bit offensive. Dating in America is much different from overseas. American women are much more independent and are used to paying their own way. They have no problem splitting the bill for their dates and some will pay for the whole date themselves.

The communication between a Ukrainian woman and a Western man can pose another problem. People in America grow up watching arguments and disagreements being fought in a totally different way than their eastern counterparts. The value systems differ quite a bit in specific areas. This is true personally as well as socially.

Religious differences are another type of the risk factors for problems in a Ukrainian
-Western relationship
. Not sharing the same beliefs can really put a broad gap between you and your potential mate. It takes two very understanding people to ever bridge this gap.

You might run into someone who has children from a previous marriage. Or else you could be the one with the kids. Whichever way it is, this too can cause problems. Getting to know the kids and loving them takes time for the partner who is meeting them now for the first time.

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One of the all-time causes of divorce and separations as well as arguments are finances. Financial problems can always cause a riff between a couple who is trying to get settled and start a new life together.

Another risk factor for problems in a Ukrainian-Western relationship is when the couple tries to get together too soon and have not really formed a deep commitment to one another. This makes it much easier to let go whenever things get tough and discouraging. A deep commitment is what causes relationships to last and stay the course.

Even the beliefs about what a marriage should be and what it should be like can be quite different when you marry across ponds. Western men and Ukrainian women have been raised quite differently. This creates a lot of spaces for needing compromise and understanding. The attitudes toward various things are just very far apart. It takes working together to form the kind of bond that is going to last.

A common factor for ending up in a divorce that is common to both situations, whether it is American couples, or Ukrainian couples, or a mixture, is marrying at too young of an age. So many times young people feel like they are so in love that nothing will ever separate them. Then as time passes and they become wiser their whole attitude changes concerning this belief.

If you are considering looking for a partner from another country, then it is a wise idea to familiarize yourself with their culture and make sure it is what you want and what you can live with. As you can see, there are plenty of risk factors for problems in a Ukrainian-Western relationship. Your woman from Ukraine and you should work hard on your relatioship. But the result is more than great!… Believe me – I know that from my personal intercultural dating experience. 🙂 This work is worth it! 🙂



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