Are socials a good concept to find a special woman from Ukraine?

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While searching for the latest news in the International dating industry, I came across this interesting statistics about romance tours and socials.

romance tours

Honestly, I was surprised by the results of this survey. I thought that romance tours and socials are more popular among Western men looking for a Russian and Ukrainian wife. In fact, I see the opposite of my thoughts.

Most respondents (almost 55%) said they have never been at socials and would never go on socials and romance tours. 19.7% say that they have a negative opinion of these methods to meet a foreign bride. Speaking honestly, I can understand these men because socials and romance tours are not suitable for everyone. I personally like more personal approach in dating and communication and won’t go on socials where you meet dozens of lonely Western men and Ukrainian women trying to find their dream partner in that crowd.



Therefore, a lot of Western men are wondering whether socials are a trustworthy method of finding a real woman from Ukraine and Russia. I guess yes it is possible. Some of my readers tell me that they have been on a social in Ukraine and had great time there. However, you have to remember that this process is not cheap and does not guarantee success. In my opinion, the biggest advantage of these romance tours is that you have the chance to meet many ladies in a very short period of time versus going to a matchmaking agency in Ukraine and having to spend the time of setting personal one-on-one meetings with them.

In the end, everyone may decide which method is best for him (romance tours or individual trip).

In addition, I have found a few of interesting reports on socials that may be very interestig to read:

Report #1:


Report #2:

Source of two reports:


Dear readers, what experiences have you gained from social and romance tours?



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