5 Tips for a better communication with a Ukrainian woman

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Effective communication between two persons is the heartbeat and the crux to the health of Western-Ukrainian relationship. I’m sure many Western men know this problem, namely: you find the perfect Ukrainian (Russian) woman online, she shows a lot of interest to get known you better and you start to communicate with each other; however, you feel that your communication is not really effective and not moving you towards your marriage goals.

From my personal experience, I should mention that no matter your age, background, or experience, effective communication in a Ukrainian-Western relationship is a simple skill you can learn pretty quickly. Remember that simply expressing ideas, thoughts and emotions does not make communication effective. You have to do some things for establishing and developing powerful communication with a Ukrainian (or Russian) woman for marriage.

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Dear gentlemen, discover in this article 5 useful tips you need to know for a better communication with a Ukrainian lady.

Tip #1: Having and maintaining an open mind

If you plan on dating women from Eastern Europe (Ukraine and/or Russia), you will be well outside of your usual scheme. Everything is different in Ukraine and Russia and the satellite states. Some things will seem strange; some things they say may not make sense. The most important thing you can do is keep an open mind and be receptive. If you can promise yourself to do this you will much happier further down the road.

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Tip #2: Is this for real? Yes, just believe in this

Many Western men have adopted the concept of “If it seems too good to be true, it must be“. This is a common misunderstanding that happens all the time. It is very possible that you can meet a perfect woman from Ukraine who will like you for the person you are. Sometimes if it seems too good to be true, it can be true. Never despair over something that seems too good, because there is always a chance it is that good.

Tip #3: Know what you want

As with anything in life before you go ahead and do it, you have to know what it is. There are a few questions that you need to ask yourself, least of all being what do you really want to come from this? You need to know for sure what it is you want or you will never get it. Are you looking for a life partner or are you looking for something short term??? This are all things you need to face before you begin.

Tip #4: Move from the internet into real life as soon as you can

Once you have decided on what you want start writing. Nothing however can replace face-to-face conversation. However you can take control of the distance with simple tools such as Skype, and other web based video chat options. Along with Video chat, Phone chat is another great option. Once a level of comfort has been built ask for their direct contact information and start transitioning into the possibility of meeting up in person.

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Tip #5: Have direct contact to your Ukrainian woman

This is a crucial point in building a Western-Ukrainian relationship. You should be in contact at the very least a few times per week many of which should encompass face to face time.

During this period of time you should both be testing the waters and seeing if each person satisfies the needs and wants of the other. You’ll never know this for sure before meeting in person but it is always good to start pushing early on to see if your invested time is going to pay off.

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Getting to know anyone online, let alone someone you may want to spend the rest of your life with is not an easy task. However by keeping an open mind, assessing your needs and persistence it is more than possible.

There are thousands of stories of people who have been down the same road and who have come through successfully. As long as you stay honest to yourself and put in the effort sooner or later your hard work will pay off and you too can be part of a Ukrainian dating success story.



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