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Hi Krystyna,

I have just met a Ukrainian woman in my home town who I quite like, we’ve been on one dinner date at this stage and it seemed to go fairly well, but was difficult to read. We just talked about all the normal first date stuff, what we liked, family, friends, travelling etc. etc.

I then texted her and suggested a date on Saturday evening, which she was quite upbeat and asked me what my proposition for Saturday was with lots of smiley faces. This was interesting for me, because it felt like she was trying to take into consideration which I would like best rather than what she would really like to do. Is this most likely the case? And if so, is that good or bad?

She is 30 and has a child (I have a child too), she has been living here in the Western country for 10 years.

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The other question is how forward should I be with her if our second date goes well? Is there something in particular she most likely expects, or something I should avoid?

I know your blog usually deals with dating women online or meeting in the Ukraine, but you seem to have a good handle on the cultural differences and expectations and would love to have a little bit of knowledge so I don’t do something inadvertently to offend (something guys are prone to do without realizing anyway..haha).

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Krystyna answers:

I have lived in Germany for almost 10 years and know that Ukrainian women who live abroad differ from Ukrainian women who are residents of this country. I would say we are like a mix of Ukrainian and Western cultures. 🙂



My mentality has been also changed and I became rather a little emancipated but not as much as German (= Western) women. I can surely mention that I still have Ukrainian traditional values.

What I want to say is that this Ukrainian woman you like is also a mix of Ukrainian and Western cultures. The development of your relationship may not be as complicated as it happens when the Ukrainian woman comes to the Western country and does not know how to deal with the new culture.

Furthermore, another very positive point is that the woman speaks English already; thus she is able to tell you what she likes and what not 🙂 You will not have language barriers in your communication. Moreover, the woman knows the culture of Western men, she knows what to expect from you. Thus, I guess that there are no big difficulties to understand each other and develop your communication.

But remember – your Ukrainian woman stays a woman from Ukraine and that means that you should develop the relationship slowly. She has a child, therefore it is very important to her to know whether you’re her Mr Right or not. There are still some differencies between Western ladies and Ukrainian ladies are residents of the Western world.

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We Ukrainian ladies love romance! My advice is to present her a rose at the second date and show your interest. But do not overdo it! Slowly, slowly, slowly!!! The second date can also run in the same way as the first one: talk → ask about herself, her culture, Ukraine, and of course, her child → answer her questions. It is important to communicate and get known each other. The Ukrainian woman shows you what she expects from you and how far you can go.

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